Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm feeling pretty fabulous tonight, not gonna lie. I had a great day today.

Had a good day of Japanese class, my studying this last weekend paid off because I felt quite prepared for what was ahead. It's funny, the entire class sat TOGETHER on one side of the room today. It made me feel happy, it didn't feel nearly as desolate anymore and Japanese class actually feels quite fun now. For the time being, hopefully it won't get annoying.

I hung out with Taylor today for like two hours after class. We sat and talked, regardless of annoying the shit out of me at times in class, he's an awesome guy. Very cool to talk too. He was telling me about being "friendlisted" a number of times by girls and I told him more about myself and such. It was interesting getting a chance to actually get to know him rather than what I've seen on the surface in class. It was fun to kinda "Hate" on him at times (not literally, you get what I mean), but he really tries to be cool toward me and I do like him a lot as a person.

I cannot become a complete bitch this late in the game, but sometimes burnout has adverse affects on my behavior in class. I admit that I've gotten lazier, regardless of working as hard as I do. Tomorrow, I will get up early to study the kanji for the quiz tomorrow. I hate kanji quizzes and it seems like there's been so many of them. I just need to remember that it's just this one and then I'll finally be on the LAST kanji and then BOOM! Done! Jon wasn't in class today. Neither was Ashley. I wonder if we will keep the seating arrangement tomorrow, I hope so, sure did make things more interesting and less segregated.

This is old and there's a big glare on my face so we never uploaded any of these, but we took some pictures awhile back. Ah, my room looks so much better now!

Today me and Samantha spent some time together. This is always nice because she's so fun to rant with. She's also got a very interesting life with her fiance and "House" (the house that Shawn is living in with his roomates). It's almost become a funny sitcome that I hear about periodically. The goings on at house. Will there be an engagement this week? A breakup? Stay tuned. Ha ha.

We talked about... everything, as usual. I get nervous that I often repeat what I say around her because she's such a nice person that I doubt she'd tell me if I had. I really hope her stupid boyfriend gets a job soon. Okay Shawn's not "stupid," he's just lazy at times and he needs to get his act together if his girlfriend's going to be moving in with him. I've been rooting for him to get a job on the sidelines for months. Samantha said he's got one in the bag right now, so that's good.

We went on a walk and chit-chatted, like always. Not much changes around here, but sometimes change isn't nessasary.


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