Saturday, May 19, 2012

My hand hurts like a son of a b*tch.

I've been working on the acoustic solo of Unforgiven on the electric. I think the distortion solo is also very good but I have not tried playing it yet. I hope I can really solidify and chunk through this entire song. I know a good portion of it because I've really cleaned up the intro and chorus. It's the weird verses and solos that I'm having problems with.

There's this one measure that goes....

...that I've been trying to clean up for awhile. It's really hard to do a pull-off and then jump to the next string for me. Again, it'll get better with practice and time. It's definately coming together though and I've got a good bulk of it done. As for Cemetary Gates I've barely gotten started but I want to figure it out a little.

Tomorrow I was invited to jam with Jessika and her friend. This plan has been going on for a couple weeks now because last weekend was mothers day and the previous weekend I was feeling a little bit snuggly. So most of my plans lately, when note with Samantha, have revolved around jamming or sitting with people and watching videos while I discreetly get my picking exercises and junk done.

Honestly, makes me appreciate people like Manuel that play violin... When they sound bad they sound BAD and it's very hard to conceal. It takes so long to get a clean note out of the damn thing, I couldn't have the patience. Luckily I'm not a huge fan of the violin, it feels sort of sharp on my ears. Don't get me wrong, it's a very cool instrument, but it's just not my favorite.

Jimmy just pulled up with my sister. I just realized it's almost 10 and I still have an hour to go. My head feels heavy.

Today, Samantha came over. Well, I picked her up again after work. It was a short visit. Second day in a row visits tend to be short, especially when there's plans with other friends involved. Samantha wanted to spend some time with Leslie. It's cool, no worries I wouldn't be offendid by my friend hanging out with a different friend after me (hahaha that'd be silly, but sometimes I really think Samantha thinks I'm mad at her about the weirdest things).

Shawn and Samantha have been dealing with a lot of drama lately and I'm sort of just following along and witnessing her hardship. I know I shouldn't be writing this because Samantha said Shawn gets more angry when he discovers people are talking about their whereabouts. But it sort of becomes part of my life too when she has to deal with Shawn's fighting and then coming to me about it when she's hurt.

Katharine came over yesterday and introduced me to a fantastic cult classic called Troll 2. It's sort of the kind of movie that attracts the Rocky Horror Picture Show crowd. It's painfully bad, completely crazy, made no sense, you just have to watch it! I decided I'd show it at my party. Scar everyone for life before heading out into the world, haha. It's known for being the worst movie in existance. It's so shamelessly bad that you have to see it.


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