Thursday, May 3, 2012

My thoughts on pageants...

Payday is sweet.

Today is especially sweet because I don't have too much to spend money on except for some dorky kahki pants that I have to wear for the uniform change. Right now I've got approximately $1,700 in my bank account. My mom informed me yesterday that I need to be saving THOUSANDS by the time I leave and should get more hours, which I intend to do during the summer. Spring quarter has sort of been my vacation, I guess you could say. Not from CBC entirely, but I feel like only having one class at cbc is nothing to stress out over. I get my Japanese homework in, try my best to learn all the vocab... Yeah, my interest isn't there anymore but of course I'm still going to try my hardest.

I'm not the only one that's only taking one class this quarter.. then some others are still on the regular hard class load. I know that Andrew is taking another class, but he seems to skip it to hang out with us in the morning. Alex is only taking one cbc class I'm pretty sure but she's still in highschool so has that to deal with. Poor Hannah has FOUR classes. Taylor I'm not sure, he told me that he's planning on taking 21 credits this summer in order to graduate before transferring elsewhere but that sounds like Hell! Especially during the summer when time is limited.

I'm dying my hair right now. I accidentally went to bed really early last night but I'd already gotten my guitar playing in so it was okay. Jacob didn't give me TOO much new stuff to work on this week, aside from starting Under a Glass Moon. It's going to be quite a challenge but he told me we're going to "chunk through it." His favorite album is  Train of Thought, and I think he knows all the songs on that album along with a ton more but never really got into Images and Words. He's facinating.. I want to pick his brain for a lot of music.

STOP. I don't have a crush on him. Don't go there. I respect him and look up to how brilliantly he can play and I'm super stoked to be getting lessons from him (which is why I talk about this a lot). Well, that and it's taking up almost all of my time. But do not think I have any interest in him that way. Aside from that he has a girlfriend.

I ordered Guitar Pro 6 for $40. It's going to come in the mail. I'm going to abandon songsterr for the most part, though the idea of dealing with the guitarpro website and downloading tabs from there is going to be a huge pain in the ass. Guitar pro 6 is SOOO cool though, you can actually play along with the SOUND of the guitar instead of that dumb MIDI shit.

High Glitz pageant girl.

In my house we periodically watch Toddlers and Tiaras or that other pageant show with the annoying flamer as the host. I always thought my Mom and sister were just watching it to laugh at how ridiculous it is like I do but actually...

"National American Miss is an opportunity like no other. You’ll gain poise, self-confidence, and valuable communication skills. You’ll feel good about yourself and gain the competitive edge to succeed later in whatever field you may choose, from modeling to business. Check it out now!"(by the official website,
My sister is planning on entering this pageant soon.

It's called National American Miss. She's wanted to do it for awhile, and I'm pretty sure the first round of auditions is happening here in the tri cities.

It's a pageant so they grade you on:
-How good you look.
-How good you look and how much poise you've got in Formal wear.
-How good you look and how much like a machine you can speak while you introduce yourself.
-How well you can answer some stupid questions.
-How much community involvement you have WHILE looking good.

Ha ha okay, maybe not so much on the last one.. but honestly, pageants are the most objectifying things I have ever seen. They're old fashioned and ridiculous in my opinion. At least this one doesn't appear to be high glitz, good God. The prizes are a not-so "all expenses paid" trip to Disney Land, some scholarships are available, cash, etc... Typical pageant prizes that are completely ridiculous because you spend a FORTUNE on the pageant itself so it's not like you're making any money when you earn $1,000 cash. In fact I've seen pageants where the dresses cost at least 5 grand.

BUT! I will be the first one to admit that I would fail miserably at a pageant, thus I have respect for my sister doing this and I will be entirely supportive of her decision. If she's happy and gets something out of it then great. If she wins and gets a huge amount of confidence and gets even more cocky than she already is then great. If she loses and gets knocked down a few pegs from her high horse ALSO great.

pageant photos have ALWAYS  creeped me out. This isn't the worst one that I've seen. I just hate how parents try to make their daughters look like something they're not with a bunch of makeup and other bullshit. To me, little girls should be outside playing in the dirt, playing dressup, being imaginative... being kids!

Nothing like sexualizing your kid with fake tans, hair extensions, revealing clothes and layers upon laters of makeup.

Because in my opinion, unless a young girl WANTS to do pageants and enjoys the primping, pageants the closest thing to rape. All the pain these girls go through to get their eyebrows plucked, their face skin burns from the makeup changes, the uncomfortable costumes, the bitter taste of the glue from their fake teeth.... All this work to be judged on whose kid is prettiest, it's sick and wrong! Makeup is so wrong on a little girl, so unnatural.

As for my sister's pageant, if adult women want to spend a fortune just to have four people that mean absolutely nothing tell them they're the best then be my guest. I actually look forward to watching this pageant, wherever it might be... It all sounds really scammy, like they make you pay a ton of money at each stage. Sort of like that "star search" deal that they had at the Red Lion every year where they "search" for models when really it's just a way to get people to pay a ton of money to get their kid's picture taken. Never trust talent agencies, modeling scouts, etc... especially if they make you pay money up front. Luckily, I was never very poised or had any interest in that sort of thing so I never had to go through that kind of disappointment.

On the bright side, my sister would be doing this with Katie so if it DOES turn out to be really scammy, my sister won't be alone when she dumps it. Katie is freaking beautiful but I worry about her. She's got a lot of the same orthorexic tendencies that I do-- obsessive working out, extreme caution to what she eats; I think she's actually worse than I am. Pageants like this where there's super skinny girls everywhere probably isn't going to help that situation...

Sarcastic smile, ahh! Here's what my new hair dye job looks like, I actually did most of it on my own. Lol notice how when I'm faking a smile it doesn't look good, thus I could not do pageants, hahaha.

It's 9:20 am. I'm in really no rush to get to school so I'm gonna play a half hour of guitar or so, take the laundry down and eat a little before I go. Gotta work til 10 tonight so I'm enjoying my time here.


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