Thursday, May 17, 2012


Apparently the guitar I picked out yesterday isn't appropriete for the genre of music that learning. Jacob told me that he'd help me pick one online and send me links and stuff of ones that would be good options. I couldn't remember the specific type that I wanted, but I told him that the design of the instrument would be similar to that of the one that I have now (Special II model Epiphone).

He was like, "WHY?! That thing is like for if you're playing..." and then he played some Soundgarden type song. "You need an Ibanez..."

Ibanez RG7321 7-String Electric Guitar
Around $500.

Gibson, Fender, and most other top brands apparently suck for metal, as does pretty much anything else except for a brand called Jackson. I look forward to having a guitar with a thin neck because it will allow me to do a lot more than I'm doing now. Still have a month or so to train on this hunk of junk though.

This is the guitar I have now, cherry sunburst Epiphone special II.

They advertise this thing pretty highly, regardless of it being a beginner guitar that falls apart if you play it to much like mine is. I don't know, maybe I just take crummy care of it and that's why the paint is coming off.

I want to buy a shredneck. This is basically a portable neck that you can whip out and practice with anywhere. I could practice on breaks at work (sort of, without the right side of the guitar it sort of limits what you can and can't do obviously) or in my car when I'm bored waiting for something or whatever.

They cost $50. I just got paid and put some of my money in the bank so that I just have $300 in my checking. I have $2000 total now, and I've been doing a pretty good job at saving. Maybe this would be worth the investment. I get a lot of joy out of this. Maybe I'll just skip on buying the Jane for a couple weeks.

Alrighty well, gonna get going!


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