Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A very hungry blog entry.

Here's my minutes for this week. Not fantastic because I actually had a bit of a social life...

Wed, 5/16: 195 min
5/17: 130 min
5/18: 230 min
5/19: 150 min
5/20: 130 min
5/21: 230 min
5/22: 190 min
1255 min
20.9 hours

So I did reach my "at least 20 hours" goal, that's good! I got a decent grasp of the intro to Cemetary Gates, so I assume by the end of next week it'll sound a lot better. God, I'm getting sort of sleepy. Didn't take any Bronkaid today, which is good.. I haven't taken it at all this week so I'll take it tomorrow and be good to go for my longggg shift after my lonnng Japanese test.

This is going to be the last Japanese test before the final, how exciting to be almost done!

Today there was a Taiko drumming event for the CBC Japanese club and it went very well overall. I participated and made a complete ass of myself, but I had fun so everyone else did too. :o) This was the last Japanese club event aside from the sushi feed at Sensee's coming up.

Getting hungry, time for a bagel!


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