Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yesterday's post was really poorly written. I guess I had so much to say I didn't take the time to look over what I'd said. The post will stay though. If I can't write freely on this blog, there's no point in it.

Today was good, work was smooth enough because I worked with Shelby and her and I work very well together. Tomorrow Leslie is going to split up our shift so that I can work the floor for a couple hours. I'm never one to complain about my shift routine, but at times the running back and forth on Sundays can get really annoying. I just get nervous that I won't get MY stack of tags done. How silly, like it even matters at all. I'm a hard worker, I'll get stuff done. I'll try to do as much as Shelby's tags as possible so that maybe next Sunday I'll get a nice two hour break again. Because to me being on the floor is a break, their job requires so much less interaction with idiots than mine.

Ugh, the plants! The fucking Rite aid plants that dirty up the counter tops! It's so annoying, I'm continually having to wipe the dirt of off the counters and use hand sanitizer to clean from the soot. It's made my hands dry, and I've never had a problem with dry skin. I admit, I do not take the greatest care of my poor hands. They're still young and pretty and I should take better care of them.. but work and my hobbies are a lot more important than how my hands look.

The calluses on my left hand have almost entirely developed to the point that it doesn't hurt to play, even with my pinky. Right after I play my fingertips are usually black from the strings so I wash them every hour or so. This makes them *really* dry. You can't really see the calluses when my hands are clean but you can when they're dirty from cash or something. Reminds me of my Dad's hands when he would work on the farm and he'd have to use that funky hand solvent.

Today I bought a lipstick by Rimmel london called Summer Angel but I called it "Dead angel skin" this morning when I saw it. After I tried it on though I knew I HAD to get some, it's a brilliant color! I also picked up some tanning lotion for Mother's day. That's tomorrow, but of course I won't be around to serve breakfast in bed or whatever.

Man, I always sucked at that sort of thing when I was a kid. If I was serving the breakfast in bed on my own, it'd be cereal or something lame like that. Yeah, cereal in bed is just what everyone wants, what a privilege to relax and get Crispex in the sheets. If my sister was involved, I'd be pancakes or waffles but my sister would want to do everything which would inevitably lead to a fight. Oh! And of course if I DID try to make pancakes myself I wouldn't know how to to make the damn things so my mom would have to take out the Bisquick and show me before going back to bed.

Hehe, ohh yeah I can see why my poor Mom got frustrated with me! I was such a dork sometimes. Well, that's all I wanted to say. I've got 40 more minutes of practice time to do and it's already 9:00 pm. I'll probably be up until around 11 tonight. I ate a big dinner and my stomach feels grody.... No red meat for me unless it's roast beef. It seems like that's the only beef that doesn't disgust me anymore.


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