Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmasssssssssssssshita


It of course is Christmas today, and we just got done unwrapping gifts and all of my lovely haul is sitting out on the coffee table. I got some great stuff. before I forget, here's what I got and who bought me what:

1. Bottle of Differin from Mom and Dad. Costs about $65, glad I didn't have to buy it.
2. Webcam from Mom and Dad
3. Fitness tube and fitness band from Mom and Dad
4. Bottle of MAC Studio Sculpt foundation from Mom
5. Colorsilk hairdye from Mom
6. SYSTEM OF A DOWN POSTER!!! from Avery
7. Long socks from Mom and Dad
8. Eyeliner and mascara from Mom and dad
9. Wool hat from Mom
10. Candles, a bath set, and a big chocolate pop from my secret santa at rite aid
11. A bento box from Avery
12. A green purse from Mom
13. A big insence set from Avery
14. A really nice razor from Mom and Dad
15. A metallica bass tabs book from Robert, along with fortune cookies (I loved this)
16. CUSTOM artwork by Samantha, I love this too!
17. A really neat t-shirt from Katharine, along with a hilarious book called Go the Fuck to Sleep.
18. And of course the beautiful pink pipe from Katelynn
19. $50 gift card to Target from Grandma.

Overall, great stuff. I love all of it. The only return I intend to do is the purse that my mom got me. I can't tell if I like it yet. Well, it's nicer than my current purse. I ended up giving the glamourpuss wallet that it came with to my sister though. It's zebra print with sparkles, eww. I do need a new wallet though.

I really don't like that my Grandma got us gifts when she told us she wasn't buying us anything. I would of bought her something as well. She got my Dad a $150 card when my mom only got a $50, hahahaha.

Robert wrote me a letter in Japanese with my gift, I freakin love it. It makes no sense and that's why it's awesome. He copied it from Google Translate. Katharine and Robert both outdid me this year, big time. I'm stoked that Katharine likes her lipstick though.

Samantha's gift didn't end up working out... apparently the scanner doesn't work. This still sort of makes me depressed and I hope we can figure it out later. Her custom artwork is painted and it looks so much like me. Samantha got a new phone!

I'm super excited for tonight. I get to see Brier who came to visit his family for christmas. He texted me last night when I was at Rhiannon's house. It was SO LOUD in the background that he just told me to call him today. He's cute, I'm stoked and hope he doesn't flake out or something lame.

I'm not disappointed that Christmas morning is over. I used to get all sad about it when I was a kid. This year the spirit of Christmas was sort of dead to me, but this morning I was uber happy to get all this great stuff. I'm gonna get my hair dyed today and i'll make my first webcam video with the new camera. : )

Merry Christmas everbodyyyy


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