Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hey blog! -poke-~9~

Day 9. Couldn't do much, felt sort of resistant toward it tonight. I lack inspiration, nor do I want to focus. I just want to sit here and relax and be warm. I really should lay down and go to bed soon though, it's so late-- almost 2 am.

What is it with me being unable to sleep before 2 am lately? It's awful but I just love the night... I love how peaceful it is, how it's dark outside and I don't feel like I'm being watched or expected to do anything. Nope, just me and my computer. The outside world is sleeping, but I'm still in here wide awake. So I guess that's why I stay up late. To enjoy things that I don't really have time to sit down and do during the day. Rightfully so, I'm not really accomplishing anything at this computer. I mean accept keeping in contact with people? Like, it's funny, if Facebook weren't here.. which, for a long time it wasn't, I wouldn't be able to contact all of these lovely people that I do (and, well, don't...) keep in contact with in my daily life at school and work! Wow! So that means if I didn't have facebook I'd only see John Stewart four times a week in Japanese class but with facebook I can see what he's doing or talk with him anytime?! WOW!! Lol, okay okay, sarcasm aside...

So, let me actually talk about my day a little bit.

Let me talk a little about my job and what I've had to do there pretty much every week.
This is a rite aid tag. Every Sunday we put up new tags for the new sales. Every Saturday we take down these tags. Some of them are attached to the tags themselves, and every week you get sheets of those that you have to locate the item on the shelf and stick the new label onto the old one. Those you have to rip off one by one and they make a loud snap sound.

The other tags are plastic and typically come in HUGE batches with WAY too many tags for the number of items in the section. That's sort of like the one above but those waterbottles would only have a couple tags so those wouldn't be as annoying. The makeup section on the other hand, has a TON of little items and a TON of these sticky tags that have to be put up with them. These are irritating because oftentimes, all the tags for a certain section will say the same thing, i.e. "Covergirl Buy 1 Get 1 50% off" and then under it says "All Cosmetics." I have no idea why we have to stick up 50 of the same damn tag in the same damn 6 foot long section. Do people really need to see that same little tag on three different mascaras in a row to know that the fourth one next to it is ALSO on sale as well?! These tape ones suck to rip down too because they often rip off the scanner tag if the ad sticker is put on there too tightly. I had to deal with a shit ton of those in the Physician's Formula section tonight. We were so behind on tags too that I couldn't do what I normally do-- stack the tags in a square one by one until they form a neat hockey puck looking thing out of ad stickers. . . . which leads me to my next point.

HOW could someone work at that place for so many years?!?! Work today was fine, originally I was scheduled from 5-10 pm but then Ted or-- Terry, idk, I forgot what his name is. My manager.. he called me and asked me to come in at 2 PM or "Asap" because Dana called in sick and Damon needed to go home. I was going to give Katelynn a ride to work today, but needing the hours I had to bail on her. Ugh, bailing on Katelynn again. God damn it. Anyway, I went to work, everything went fine for the most part. It was just me and Tammy; and then older Tami. We pulled tags, I put stuff away, was cashier for a lot of the same people that I cashier to every day. they've gotta be getting used to the routine there.... NOT to scan your card before I get a chance to tell you the amount you owe.... we do this every day people!

So the night went on, whatever. I didn't expect anything too weird. This woman walks up to me though, after being rang up by Tammy and asks me, "Hey did you work here last night?" Immediately for some reason my mind jumped to me being in trouble somehow, haha, how sad. I was like, "Yeah..?" And she told me, "Yeah this one lady that was your supervisor last night was completely talking shit about you to the person in front of me! Like a customer, it was completely ridiculous and innappropriete."

I for one cannot believe this customer had my back like this and informed me. I think it's good that there's still good people in the world. Last night I did the dirtiest job ever, which involved with little instruction from Dana to take down and match up metal shelves. I had to lift and sort through hundreds of these fucking shelves, some of which were like over a hundred pounds and I couldn't lift them to look under them.. Which I ended up completing, and having to stay 30 minutes after my shift. Anyway, now I know that even with that when I turned my back she started talking shit about me? That two faced bitch! She's all trying to be sweet with me and ask me all these questions about how school is going and all that like she's actually interested. What the hell, seriously. You know honestly, a two faced bitch is the worst. Like, I'd rather deal with someone who's actually a bitch and acts like one toward me so at least I know what to expect. Vintictive, two faced bitches. They can suck it, I'm onto better things. Eventually.


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