Sunday, December 11, 2011

~11~ As expected, Christmas break 2011...

..Is really boring and pointless.

I just got done playing around with Waidmann's Heil on the bass and I couldn't even get through it without my wrist hurting me.

Todays been slow and boring. Nothing really interesting going on around here, but I tried to make my time somewhat productive, even if I got up pretty late.

Check out this video SNL video that makes fun of Japanophiles.

I'm not saying I take myself too seriously to the point that I don't find this funny at all, nor do I not see the grain of truth in it. Actually, it's a huge grain... it's like, the real deal, minus the fact that a lot of Japanophiles aren't in your face about it as much as these two. It makes me feel a little humiliated by the fact that some people probably see me like this, but I'm not too concerned. I enjoy cosplaying and learning Japanese, and the two hobbies don't overlap. I think it's when you take the people that are REALLY anime obsessed and mix them with actually learning Japanese at school that you get this strangeness. Luckily, the people that just study Japanese for translating anime don't make it passed 2nd quarter.

I actually did take a look at my Japanese year II Genki book. Wow, advanced stuff... it's going to get a lot harder over the next year. I just need to study as hard as I did when I started and I'll be fine. Today is Sunday, which means grades are coming out TOMORROW! Hopefully I got a 4.0 in Japanese IV... I'd hope so.

I'll tty guys tomorrow, I'm actually gonna dance around in my room a bit to get rid of some pent up energy and get some sleep at a reasonable time.



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