Wednesday, December 14, 2011

~12~ Facebook hiatus day 2.

So I can't believe the response to my facebook hiatus.

I wasn't trying to be crabby or draw attention to myself, yet it seems like whenever I post something that people might take as being depressed, I get an incredible amount of support and attention. Honestly, I am just trying to make a point.

A couple days ago when I was with Katharine, we were in the car chatting and it was all good but she mentioned that her dad said, "You sure you'll be able to get her away from Facebook that long?" Okay, I know it sounds silly. More than likely her dad doesn't have that many friends on facebook so he gets alerted of my posts a lot, so I pretty much said "I don't post that much..." and then Katharine told me that I do. I DO comment other people's stuff more than most people. I go through the wall and comment people's stuff because it makes them feel better about what they're writing. Nobody likes to post something that gets unnoticed. . . But if people DO get the impression that I'm a facebook addict, I'm going to make a point that I can drop it any time. So there you go. i'm taking a few days off. People are acting like I'm not going to post anymore period. Noooo I never said that.

My god, my sister has destroyed this laptop that my mom lended her. It keeps on blinking to black screen every like 20 seconds, and says "Display Driver Stopped responding, it has been Recovered." It's annoying as Hell. The computer that I was using that my mom took back wouldn't be this destroyed.

I'm gonna go back to the computer in my room in a few minutes. It's 12:30, I have a bad headache and i'm gonna take a shower and try to rally for the day. Jake keeps inviting me places, but it's wednesday so there's nothing to do again. Work hasn't called me in. I've just been getting blazed, going into town, spending money that I probably shouldn't, going on walks, playing guitar, playing sims, hanging out with friends. I feel like a loser because I'm not busy all the time....


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