Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ahh, good times. ~8~

Hung out with Nate Scott and watched A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. This was such a funny, stupid movie. The 3D part could of been entirely avoided though so I didn't have to spend an extra $4 because the 3D had no real purpose at all. Like, they FORCED the 3D part. They also had a few scenes where this little girl was drugged and it sort of creeped me out. Kumar got fat! ..Yeah, okay, I admit the storyline was really stupid. Don't see it unless you're totally blazed. But it was still fun to go with Nathan, he's cool! Ha ha, another gay friend.

I'm really glad I got out tonight. I came home from work at about 7' after working my lovely 4 hour shift at the intense hell that is Rite Aid. Actually made a good impression with my boss though, I'd think... I did a really good job at cashier today, even if I had Dana over my shoulder which sort of scared the living shit out of me.

I'm just trying to do a good job. I go in every day, I work my ass off. Today we got our work schedules for next week. My name wasn't even on the list. Jodi was showing Tami her hours, and I told Jodi-- "My name isn't even on there," and she looked at me and very coldly said "Well that doesn't mean you have any hours." Like, I'm not working ANY hours next week. What the hell, that's bullshit, I either work there or I don't-- you can't just give me NO hours. Anyway on the boss's way out he asked if I was working tomorrow and told me I did an awesome job today, so I told him that I did but I had zero hours next week. He then told me that he doesn't have my school schedule.

Woah, wait. Pause a second. Nobody even mentioned to him that i'm going to school but I get OFF school at 12:30? Hours are getting cut back. It's becoming dog eat dog for the most hours, so of course it wasn't mentioned to him. well, it will be tomorrow, and in order for me to get hours someone else might lose a few of there's. That's.... shitty, but at least I'll be getting *some* hours next week. If I can just get 12-20 hours a week, I'll be perfectly fine. But this 8-10 hour a week isn't working; my last paycheck was $200. That's not very good at all, especially when I'm paying for gas and books and crap. Oh! AND on top of it, it's the holidays. I'm glad I got a lot of my shopping done early. The little there was anyway.

Haven't been able to continue my count for a few days, things have just been too busy. It's really late but I'm going to continue the count tonight. I gotta get these Victoria's Secret cards activated. Even though they're probably just $10 each, I'm happy I've got them. It's like free money.

That guy Zach is a dick, and I wish what had happened didn't-- especially now that he's very blatantly posting pictures and statuses that I keep on getting to my wall feed about his re-kindled affection for this fat, Asian emo girl. I'm really just wanting to delete him off my friends list on Facebook but at the same time I don't because then it'll look like i'm pissed off or even cared about what happened. By playing it off like I don't, maybe it'll make things less awkward if we ever cross paths again. Doubtful. I'll just block the wall feed. Or "Unsubscribe." Whatever the Hell facebook wants to call it.

I'm not gonna let it bother me. It's whatever.

Okay so, turns out Victoria's Secret cards value only can be redeemed AT purchase, so I'm gonna have to use it when I go buy something. They work until December 21st, so I've got a little time. Who exactly can I shop for at Victoria's Secret? Maybe I'll just be lame and buy something for myself. I could use a really good bra. Nahh, not that selfish.

OH! Speaking of which, I bought Samantha's christmas gift today. I got her the tablet, it only costed like... $26 on amazon. Don't get me wrong, I know that sounds cheap, but the thing has really good reviews and I know that she'll love it.

Happy Holidays all.


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