Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rave kids, oh my! ~10~

I don't know, I tend to see these same people in the same pictures all the time. This guy Jesse Ex Valentine or something that wanted to come and DJ at my Japanese club party and invited a ton of people that I didn't even know. I bitched him out, blocked him, and he probably wouldn't recognize me if I saw him. But I know I pretty much don't like him because of the situation. And it still kind of bothers me that there could of been a possibility that my party would of been ruined by a bunch of people I don't know. They probably would of been complete assholes saying that there's no alcohol or whatever.

I have no idea what that is with the blue hair. I'm pretty sure it's female, explaining something very matter-of-factly. I wonder if that's a wig or if her hair is actually dyed blue. She must of just freshly dyed it if it is that color of blue, because actual blue hair like that fades out ridiculously fast and looks like garbage. Her eyebrows are blue too. I wonder what she's trying to pull off there?

That's another thing. Why does it seem like girls are purposefully making themselves look like shit here in the tri-cities? They'll look nice and then suddenly they decide to do something crazy like guage huge holes in their ears, fry their hair with some disgusting dye,... yeah.

Maybe I'm being too negative. I talked to this guy Brier on the phone last night for like an hour about how he just had this need to get out of the tri cities like I do right now, and once he got out and moved up to Bellingham with his girlfriend he absolutely loved it. He did say, however, that when things got way to serious with him and his girlfriend, he sort of regretted living with her like that. I was joking around saying that it was probably like they were playing "house," her cooking them dinner, etc etc. I also said that I bet she prepared some really disgusting watered down speghetti with Prego sauce. It was the funniest conversation ever. I really like talking to him even if he lives all the way up in Bellingham. I hate long distance shit, but there's nothing really going on here so it doesn't bother me.

Ahh, well, better play for awhile, do pilates, put the wet laundry into the dryer, maybe play a little sims. Whatever I feel like doing until tomorrow, cause it's gonna be a hellish long week.


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