Thursday, December 29, 2011

20. crazy, silly.

Gotta head to work in 30 minutes so I gotta make this short and sweet.

Haven't gotten paid yet. Checked my balance and called the bank this morning and the Rite Aid check isn't even processing at this point. I'm guessing I'm gonna need to actually go to my job and get the physical check. That'll be a bitch because that means I'll have to deposit the check tomorrow. Thus, again, I will be broke tonight. My Christmas break is slowly drawing to a close. I'm happy, though, it's time to get back on track again. A new quarter is a new opportunity, and I'm content with exactly where I'm at.

Saw Katharine last night for the first time in awhile. We had a lot of good laughs about things, with Katharine it's almost always a reminicent night. All we really talk about is things we've experienced, yet we're now creating new memories. It's weird. She is staying with Brian still I'm pretty sure, I guess Christmas together was really good too and his mom got her some really cool stuff. Like a legitamite teaset from Goodwill. Bitchin.

I need to start rumaging at thrift stores but I can never seem to have the patience. My mom is a champion. Idk whenever I go in there I feel awkward, like people are looking at me. But they're totally not and that's what's hilarious about it.

I've slowed down on the Bronkaid. Actually I hadn't taken it in a few days, but I took one today to help my focus at work. They're a lot like ADHD pills.... And I'm not the only one who uses them for this. They're powerful, cheap and in combination with one caffiene pill do the trick for easing getting up and studying for long stretches of time. I've been taking two Bronkaid in the morning with one 200 mg tablet of caffiene about twice a week or so, sometimes less; sometimes more. I honestly think I do have minor ADHD and on days where it's extremely difficult to get anything accomplished, it's very helpful.

I'm not stoked for work today but at least I'm gonna see Michael Zhang afterward. :) Always nice to catch up with these people on breaks. Something else that's interesting is that Nathan and his boyfriend broke up, and he's starting school at Central in the Spring. Yet another person who's getting out earlier than I am. I'm sure the breakup really pushed him out of here. I guess that's the main reason I choose to not be in a relationship right now. Because if I really actually like him, then he might cause me to stick around longer than I should, and a breakup would make me want to jump the gun too quickly.

The gun needs to be jumped. It's starting to get dusty.

Oh, Ashleigh struck again, and I caught her. Check this out:

Alright, obviously you can't see it very well on here. The best way to view this would be to go to the link on my facebook:

Or if you can't access it save the image and open it up and read it. : ) Lol I don't want to spread my page out.

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