Monday, December 19, 2011

Historical Imaging, development over the years...~13~

Alright, so I'm on google earth and I found this really neat setting called Historical Imaging. This is where basically you can look at images of aerial views and how they've changed since 1996. In 1996, I was five years old. I of course had to look at Benton City and how it's changed, as well as my house.

This is the most recent image of my street. I'm pretty sure it's from 2009.

Google Earth image from 1996. As you can see, hardly anything has changed. And if the photo quality wasn't so bad, it probably wouldn't be noticable.

But as I started to search out other friend's house locations in Pasco and Kennewick, I noticed some major differences. This is Jessika's new house location today:

Here's Kingsbury Drive in Pasco, from 2006.

Road 100 in 2006

Kingsbury, among other streets over off Road 100 in Pasco. No wonder I get so confused. These are little McMansion houses, pretty nice, pretty modern.

In 2004.

Off Road 100 in 2003.

And last, 1996. Unfortunately there were no images between 1996 and 2003.

All farmland. Anyway just thought that was interesting. I'm sure the quality of images will get better over time. Crazy how fast places can change.


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