Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's annoying when my computer won't run at all when I'm either uploading or saving a video.
Yesterday I made it a goal to be more productive, which is when I ended up cleaning the entire house. I have really been trying to lay low, yet I keep on spending money.

Yesterday wasn't as boring as I'd anticipated though, when me and Katharine went to the mall to buy some Christmas presents. I didn't really have anyone planned, but ended up buying like three things for myself. I bought this really cute camisole, an eyeshadow and a lipgloss. The lipgloss and eyeshadow were practically free at Victoria's Secret, I just had to use that $10 off card and it was $3 total. The camisole was from Burlington coat factory, and it was $10. It's so cute!

Katharine and I walked around the mall a lot, and I must of said "Don't worry, we've got time.." like 5+ times because we would be rummaging through sections for a long time and Katharine seemed more and more stressed out by it. The main reason for this is, Katharine was looking for a really good homecoming outfit for Brian and she wanted something that was both classy and pretty. This would obviously be at Victoria's Secret, if everything wasn't over $45 there if you want something REALLY pretty. Camisoles to me are somewhat pointless because guys don't care that much, but if it is a special occasion, you don't want to wear a piece of trash either. Katharine quotes, "I don't want to look like a Hollywood stripper..." we found a LOT of hollywood stripper tease outfits in Spencers. Weren't digging those either, they're more trashy than sexy.

We went to Macys and JCpennies, both of which had big selection but everything was way too... idk, forty-year old woman trying to look sexy. Too much pasty colors. That and their prices are only like... $10 less than Victoria's Secret on average.

The last stop was Burlington coat factory, which is always a madhouse during this time of year but they actually pleasently surprised me with their huge selection of CHEAP camisoles. Katharine almost immediately found one that would be perfect for me and I fell in love with it, but finding one perfect for her was a little more difficult. Katharine is more classy than cutesy, so we had to find something that was sexy, classy, and a color that's really flattering. The classy aspect of it was really what Katharine seemed to be going for because we had to weed through a lot of cheap looking ones. She ended up finding a really pretty red one.

Anyway, Jake is coming over. We're gonna battle it up. haha


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  1. You forgot to mention the run-in we had in the beginning of the night! Hahahahaha!! And the winner of "Most Awkward Lingerie Shopping Partner" is....DUN DUN DUN!!! lmao!


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