Monday, December 26, 2011

17. Apple Cider is good.

Today I met up with Brier at the Barnes and Nobles in Kennewick and we got this apple cider with whipped cream on top from Starbucks. delicious and amazing! He gave me credit for "Calling" it. Calling that it would be more delicious than one of those heavy, 400 calorie coffee drinks. We sat and looked at books for awhile, including that Post Secret book that has a lot of depressing, disturbing postcards in it. It was pretty crazy crowded in the mall today.. people making returns and stuff. I ended up buying a new planner. It's about the size of that big one that I had in middle school so I shouldn't lose it, and it has LOTS of space to write and rant about things if I get spare time to do so. It's nice to blog on the go once and awhile.

Tomorrow I'm going to call up the lady at 101 Cleaners and see if that job is still in mind. Tomorrow's Tuesday, thank GOD, which means only two more days until I get paid. I do work on Thursday and Friday but luckily school is starting soon. Let's see here, when does Winter quarter start...

Wow, winter quarter starts TUESDAY, JANUARY 3RD. That's in exactly one week! Woohoo for Christmas break being almost over. I've almost spent my entire time either running around up to no good, eating junk food, doing frantic pilates or getting high. It'll be nice to get back to the old grind. After I get done practicing tonight I think I'm gonna study some Japanese. The irony of this break is that I haven't been playing Sims 2 at all because I've either been going places or doing things or don't feel like it. So I guess this Christmas break hasn't been all unproductive. I got my shopping done, got lots of cool stuff for Christmas, and I'm super excited for New Year.

I can start being more proactive with my Japanese... tomorrow. I'm definately going to make that a priority. I don't want to go into Winter quarter unprepared. This planner will help me a lot with that. It can help me keep a routine and get done what I need to, as well as keep my work hours in check.

Anyway, better get going. : )


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