Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finals Day!

My slow ass computer is making me mad tonight. The internet just hasn't been running properly, maybe because it's a busy night or something. Who knows.

Anyway guess what?! We can all (well, I..) rejoice now because MATH 98 IS OVER! Which means that ALGEBRA is over and I am officially college level, which means I can get my AA! Aren't you all proud of me? It's pretty fantastic. Studied for hours and hours and hours this quarter, and I passed my final today and it almost brought me to tears. Granted, I haven't taken it three or more times like some of the other people in my class that I'm sure were happy that they passed, but it doesn't matter. I worked so hard, and Mrs. Lambert even said she'd be surprised if I didn't pass it. She's so sweet to us, she used the scantron to match answers before we left so that we didn't have any rude awakenings next week.

Also, Japanese IV is now complete! I took the final this morning, it wasn't too terribly hard and I almost wung it. Like, I didn't overstudy too hard because I was too concerned about my math.

I'll just back up to this morning with a play by play.

I got up somewhat later than I'd anticipated, and got to school around 9:30. I sat down with Betsy, Caitlin and Nathanael, and started making random chit chat until I finally decided to stick in the earplugs and start studying. That didn't last long before Hannah showed up and sat down, saying she was nervous. I asked if she wanted to practice, leisurely looking down at my phone thinking we had an hour to study at 10:15. Then Hannah says, "We have 15 minutes.." WOAH,WOAH. I suddenly frantically start going through things like "Crap, speaking activities, now." haha. We worked together for about 10 solid minutes, which is a lot more than 40 regular minutes of study when it's with Hannah, before "Tay Tay chan" showed up blaring some rave music.

Not to mention he was wearing stockings and a headband? I have no idea. He always cracks me up but this morning I wasn't particularily amused when I needed to cram. Me and Hannah ended up getting another good 10 minutes of study in the classroom before sensee handed out exams.

Tay Tay chan is always trying to out-TayTay himself. Check out my sexy arm there on the desk. Lol you can just see the intensity.


Anyway, got that done, even if I was the very last one in class to complete it and felt like a boob. Oh well, I bet I got a pretty good score so that's all that counts right? The kanji on this one got me though... I could barely remember anything and had to use deductive reasoning to figure them out.

Okay so onto math. After Japanese I headed over to the S building with Brenna, and ended up taking to this Mormon kid who was sitting at the couches. No Shavonne or Lily today, though I did give Lily the present I made her. Neither the necklace nor the bracelet fit fantastically, but I hope she likes it regardless. She made me a bracelet and caught me not wearing it... shit. i'm sorry I just can't wear too many things or it'll bug me! I've already got my hemp necklace that I'm still getting used too. It's sort of itchy right now.

The conversation with the mormon guy was interesting, and turns out he's related to the Norman family here in Benton City. He reminds me a little of Lindsey, super gung-ho (enthusiastic, never actually wrote that word before) but also very sweet. Didn't talk to Thomas much because he was talking to Colin about... something, weapons.

I went to the S building, and about halfway there I realized I'd forgotten my math book at home. D'oh! I didn't take too much notice though, went into the tutoring center, and got the last bit of instruction on the last few things. They always help me so much, though one method they used today confused the Hell out of me on the Final later, but it's just one problem. Without them, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't of passed this class. Them and of course Brad Pitkin who showed me all the math rules initially.

So yes, very happy and accomplished that I got through algebra-- math 96, 97 and 98. And I must say, I did a pretty damn good job. I got an 87% overall in the class, which is almost an A and won't bring my GPA down! So I didn't just barely scrape by, I kicked ass.

In other news, looks like as expected I'm postponing my college goals again. I'm going to go to Western in the fall to give my parents more of an opportunity to save money. I just realized that the only reason I wanted to go so bad is just... to GO. To get out of here. And that's not a good enough reason to up and leave when nobody else transfers in the Spring. Brenna had the same plans, and just like me she comes from a white middle income household and it's hard for us to get anywhere without a lot of saving. I am very happy though that my parents are supportive of me, because my life would be a lot harder if they didn't. I don't even know what I would do... it's not like financial aid is easy to come by, middle income or low income. So i'm just going to enjoy my time here. Enjoy my last year that I don't have to pay bills and such and have food in the cuppords without having to think about it.

So it's Christmas break now. For at least the next week I don't have work, that is unless my boss calls me to add hours to my schedule which I doubt he will. Jodi asked me if I wanted to be part of the secret santa. Yeah, on what money? No I don't think so. The only extra money that I'm getting is going to my actual friends.

In totally unrelated news, Guy added my sister on Facebook and today he "liked" a comment that I made to Daisy. Interesting. Of course at the time I commented the photo I didn't realize it was his promotion page, thing... or at least I think it is. Again, I don't get the whole raving thing. I don't even think that picture was taken on halloween. But yeah, really strange that Guy added my sister. Probably just because she's involved in the clubbing scene, but Avery does hip-hop dancing instead of raves. I've honestly been kind of wondering what he's up to, where he's living now, how his daughter is doing, etc... but I'd be pretty weird for me to message him when I pretty much told him I don't want to be involved with him in ANY way back in August or so. I don't dislike him, we had some really fun times this summer (and some *not* so fun, the Abby situation continues to make me feel a little sick) and I'm glad he kept me busy.

But yeah, errm... He's got a lot on his plate. All the time. Though it'd be interesting to know what he's been up too, and why he's adding my sister. Probably because he's adding everyone in the tri cities to promote his thing. Just weird that he's popping up everywhere suddenly.

I'm too lazy to continue my count tonight but I will again tomorrow. i'm excited, me and Katelynn are gonna hang out and I got some KILLER tilapia that is just, sticky and insane. The person that gave it to me surprised the hell out of me today.

I'm gonna get some rest, can't get on too vicious of a sleepless cycle.


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