Monday, September 12, 2011

Owld People! My first day working at Rite Aid.

YAY, first day of work. I'm super hungry so it's hard to think... Note to self, tomorrow I work from 10-2 PM.

It went pretty well, even if it was very very long.. I was definately the youngest one there today by at least ten years. The day starting out doing this career test called CSI's. Basically, you are talked through these extremely long and boring slides and then you have to answer questions about what had been read to you. It's not hard, a lot of it was common sense, but it's a test of focus. I sat there for two hours doing the CSI's before I got a break, and I barely even made a dent in them.

After doing the CSI's I got cashier training from a really sweet lady named Claudia. She's ridiculously sweet and patient with me, and I tried my hardest and knew I probably got a little bit frustrating a couple times. The cash register is pretty simple in comparison to Toys R Us. Not that much to learn, and not very many promotional things. Sometimes people brought in coupons, but it's not like every other person. Practically every regular shopper has a Wellness card and we don't have to offer them if they don't have them. We do have to greet everyone that walks in though. Not a problem.

I had to work on the floor for a couple hours. I'm happy that I've already got the store down and know the locations of a lot of the items now. I helped an elderly guy find Dr. Scholls today. That's the thing about this place, there are a lot of elderly people. I'd say that's 80% of the customers. Soo I think for the whole day only one person bought makeup, and a few people bought some of the random seasonal junk-- most of the sales are from cigarettes (which are HARD to locate... that's something that I need to work on. So many variations) and meds.

I made $69 today! That's exciting to me. Apparently the first payday is this Thursday, so I'm going to make very much but $69 alone makes me happy. Tomorrow I'll probably bring that to about $100. With every paycheck, I'm going to put a certain amount of it in a savings account that I'm going to have just for college. Then the rest of it will go to my main account. That way, there's no way I can touch the money that's in my college savings and I can be a little bit easier on myself in spending. I am probably not going to spend any of the money from my paycheck on anything but gasoline.

My sister got backed out on. Apparently some guy from Richland was going to take her. She'll get another date. Her friend Marisa is going to go with her. This guy that was originally going to go with her sounds like a complete douchebag.

OH! Speaking of douchebags! Jack and Jessica broke up. I heard this from my mom today. She was the one that told me they were even dating in the first place. He's going to go back to Central and find another carbon copy blonde dumbass that he thinks will impress his mommy. I still hate both of them. But it's funny that he got dumped.

It's been a good day. I'm excited for speghetti and I hope me and Katelynn end up hanging out, either tonight or tomorrow. I'm looking forward to meeting the new guy that she likes. I know it's crazy that right after her engagement she has interest in someone else, but that wasn't the original intention. He's pretty cute and he seems to really like her.


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