Monday, September 5, 2011

The past three times i've tried to make a blog entry, it cancels because this site logs me out and then I can't post the entry. It's funny, right now I am quite cross faded. This isn't a good time to be writing a blog. though it's funny, my punctuation and spelling isn't got awful like when some people try to write when they've got alcohol in their system. Katelynn is here, and she wanted to stay up all night because she has a night shift coming. Unfortunately we were unable to do so because we both got really sleepy. probably from the alcohol itself.

God, I really gotta start studying my japanese more. Tomorrow.. well, today, technically, we're down to business. no more partying. I'm gonna see this morning, I'm gonna be miserable because i'll be puking and I will be thinking, God damn I'm not doing this again. But.. I do, just not on a frequent basis. I couldn't imagine being out and about right now. You know? I'm a little nervous about getting drunk at parties and stuff because what if I make a complete ass of myself. That's something to look forward too. I'm so stoked for bellingham, so freakin stoked I think about it every damn day.

The thought of the next couple years of my life excites me. i'm going to be so free, able to do whatever I want. It's like imagining flying away here. Free to make my own choices, 100%. It's a strange and slightly scary thought though. I've never experienced that kind of freedom before. What if I go mad.


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