Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Countdown begins! April 1st!!

Well, the last few days it has been pretty successful in what it's supposed to do. I've yet to get the side effects that I experienced before, and I'm feeling energized, relaxed and productive throughout the day. Today hasn't been very productive because I just woke up like an hour ago but I need to set goals for what I'm gonna do today. I'm not GOING anywhere because I've been going, going, going like crazy.

So, I'm looking at the amount of days I have left here. Winter quarter, the last quarter that I'm going to be at CBC, ends March 3. Then spring break, then I should be up at Western by April 4th-- or at least that's probably around when my classes are going to start. So, assuming that I won't be moving up there the day that classes start, lets say the countdown day is APRIL 1ST.


Western is BEAUTIFUL, it reminds me of Hogwarts. I just hope I will be accepted into their Japanese program and get the opportunity to study abroad. I just have to keep studying very hard and getting 4.0's.
That's 207 days. I'm always doing these count things but this is an important count. That countdown thing should automatically publish to my wall, but I'll keep track on my blog too.

There's going to be a long road ahead, but I feel ready for it. I've done really well in school so far, there's no reason why I can't continue to do well. It's not really school that I'm concerned about as much as I am about money. Once I get these jobs I need to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. I'm going to put away 50% of every paycheck in a savings account that I can't access until I move out. Hopefully this will be enough. 207 is a significant amount of paydays, I'd think, to create a bit of a nest egg.

I'm so freaking excited.

But it's gonna be a lot of work. That's why I have to make each of these 207 days count, be productive, study, stay fit, stay healthy, and stop fretting the small shit. And stay away from men (unless of course they're my good friends)... that too. I need to stay focussed and I don't want any stupid drama or getting hurt again.

Goals for today:
-Begin the application for Western
-Clean up my room a bit, make my bed, get some stuff out of those boxes and find places for them, figure out some more stuff that I'm going to get rid of.
-30 minutes of pilates.

-45 minutes DDR.

-Eat pescatarian diet. i'm going to try it today and see how I feel at the end of the day. I literally had potatos for breakfast...

-Study Japanese for two hours (I've been pretty good about this lately.. but I need the desk back in my room before I can do this)

-Help mom by cleaning up house a bit, do the dishes.


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