Saturday, September 17, 2011

Work, work, work... and school! yay! screw summer.

I've added a new drug to my regime, and I think I've finally found a perfect balance.

I'm now taking GABA, a concentration aid and "Nature's natural calming agent." This stuff is FANTASTIC because I feel so much calmer throughout the day and no longer have the flare ups.
So I'm taking:
Wellbutrin for depression,
Gaba for anxiety that comes with Wellbutrin,
Zarah for birth control and
Prenatals for iron deficiency

I know this is pretty weird to share, but I honestly don't feel ashamed of it. I've been struggling with depression my whole life, and it's obvious if you're a regular reader of this blog that I NEED medication because of my chemical imbalance. But Gaba has helped me so much, I feel "normal," I guess you can say. It's sort of a similar feeling that I got from Adderal. Normal, and my mind isn't cluttered with unnessasary bullshit. And with Wellbutrin helping with my depression, I'm doing great. The past couple days I haven't fought or yelled at anyone. Me and my sister actually TALKED. It's like the second coming of Christ! haha.

I'm going to write out the next two weeks for my schedule. Just to get this shit straight.

Week 1:

Sunday, September 18: Work from 12-4:15
Monday, Sept 19: Off, Japanese 11:30-12:30, Math from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM. Pack lunch AND dinner.
Tuesday, Sept 20: Off, Japanese from 11:30-12:30
Wednesday, Sept 21: Off, Japanese from 11:30-12:30. Math from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM Pack lunch AND dinner.
Thursday Sept 22: Japanese from 11:30-12:30, Work from 2-7 pm. Come to school in work clothes (just slacks and a plain t-shirt, not a big deal)
Friday, Sept 23: Work 2-10.
Saturday: Work 2-10

Total Hours in Week 1: 25 Hours, 25x9.67=$241.75

Week 2 same school schedule:
Sunday: 12-4:15
Thursday: 2-7
Friday: 1-10, Pack dinner
Saturday: 1-10 Pack Dinner

Total Hours in Week 2: 27 Hours, 27x9.67= $261.09


I realize how important it is now to keep this job. I obviously need the money, for buying stuff that I need and saving up for school. I'll figure out my weekly budget after my first week of school to figure out how much I need to put away in my savings account for college and how much I can have for myself. I also should probably start chipping for things, like my cell bill and my car payment. Actually, yeah, my car payment for sure because my dad would probably REALLY appreciate that.

That being said, I am going to work HARD to my job to do the best I can so I can keep up getting this good amount of hours! I hope nobody there ends up getting annoyed with me because of the questions I ask. The cash register can be a major pain, but I'm getting the hang of it.
Stuff I need to remember:
-Coupons only work if you scan their wellness card first.
-Get someone a wellness card if they want the discounts but don't have a card. Get out the pamphlet, take their name and phone number, scan the card, give the customer the card, put their information in the stack after putting a sticker on their pamphlet stating their card number. Give customer pamphlet information.
-Tax exempt is under $ tab.

Yeah not too hard.

Alright well, I'm gonna get going. Today I'm gonna study.


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