Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Loving the sound of certain people's speaking voice?

It's weird watching myself on youtube.

I just made this video today. Lovely icon, isn't it? I look just darling. Someday, Youtube will get the wise idea to let us choose our own icons. Not uploading wise, NO, that would be a freaking disaster. You'd have tons of videos with super awesome icons that when you click on them get you rick roll'd or some shit. That's why I say thank god you can't upload pictures to represent your videos, because you would have to weed through way more crap.

Granted, a lot of youtube IS crap, but some of that crap I enjoy, mainly blogs. My love of blogs is somewhat hard to explain, and I've never tried explaining it before except for to Michael Kaminski who actually understood what I was talking about, which was so relieving to me because I thought I was alone. I will try to explain this the best way I can.

For some reason, I love listening to vblogs (video blogs), and very rarely watch any other kinds of videos on youtube. I usually have vlogs playing while I browse the net, which may seem weird to some... but who would want to sit there and watch someone's face? Usually I have vblogs on in the background if I'm cleaning or want to zone out on something, like the guitar, and totally lose myself and listen.

Shannon Copley, one of my favorite vloggers. I think her voice is so relaxing for some reason.
I guess it gives me the same feeling as listening to some very relaxing music.

You see, it's not just anyone's voice that I can listen to for eight minutes and enjoy the sound of their voice as if it was enjoying their company-- in fact most people's voices I can't stand. I've noticed that most of the people that I listen to on a regular basis have accents:
-IvoryTicklerMama has a southern accent like Paula Dean.
-QueenJasmineTagaholi has an English accent.
-XiiaoJerry has one of those cute Asian (Chinese I think) EFL accents.
-Kiwua1963 has a Mexican accent.
But then there's also people that I enjoy listening to that don't have accents unlike my own such as Coffeehouseporcupine, ShannonCopley, and RainbowPagan2. But something about all of those user's voices makes me feel calm.

But maybe it's not about their voices as it is about what they're saying. I like CoffeeHousePorcupine's videos, but I would only listen to his vlogs about his daily life, not nessasarily the depressing ones about living with lymph node leukemia and his MLB favorites.

Coffeehouseporcupine. His rant about closing shopping malls when it's hot out.

Maybe I just like listening to them because they are talking about possitive things and it helps me not think about the goings on in my life. It also teaches me a lot about people, and just the fact that I'm listening to someone talk about their daily lives enchants me in a sense because I love getting a better understanding of people in their day to day lives. We all vary so much in our cultures.

Just thought I would talk about that tonight. Today has been slow, but me and Corey got together toward the end of the day and watched the final episode of america's got talent. Landau won!!! Woooo!!! I'm so happy.


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  1. Well you are braver than I am. I still have yet to make a vlog. lol, I have no clue what I would talk about. I am so much better at writing than talking. Anyway, glad that you shared this today and loved your little mini tour of your house.


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