Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where did my appetite go? And SCHOOL IS TOMORROW.

I saw this last night on family guy and thought this was sooo funny and true.


This morning I have work at 12. This means that I'm gonna have to eat lunch in about a half hour so that I'm not starving around 4'. I had special K this morning for breakfast... I'm telling you, anyone that actually goes on the Special K diet is probably starving all the time. Seriously, every time I eat that cereal I feel sort of unsatisfied, and then I feel REALLY unsatisfied in two hours or so.

Speaking of hunger, Wellbutrin really does it's job with making me eat less. I've lost some weight already from taking it, combined with doing pilates. I dropped weight really fast last time I was on it, but that was because it was a combination of the anxiety and lack of eating when I was with Guy with the meds. Now, I actually do eat, but a lot less than I used too. It's not about lack of hunger, because I'm hungry at about the same times every day, but it's more about lack of appetite. Food just... doesn't look as appealing anymore, partially because it doesn't taste as good. Wellbutrin dulls your pleasure sensors, both sexually and when you eat. For some people, they get a LOT of pleasure out of eating, and that's why they have such ravenous appetites. I could be wrong, but I think this is why a lot of obese people seek out magical weight loss pills that will automatically "melt the fat away" without having to change their daily lives of bad eating habits.

I'm a little nervous for work today, I guess because every day i'm expected to ask less questions. Granted, I don't ask too many questions, but now that I haven't worked for a few days I'm going to need a refresher on how to do stuff on the cash register.

"OMG! THERE'S THE CUTEST GUY IN MY SPANISH CLASS EVEREVEREVEREVER!! OWW!!"-My sister. Wow! I guess she's magically healed! She's been sick for days now... and she hogs the TV in the living room with her Kim Kardashian and her food network. Granted, yeah, she's been really sick, but now that she's gotten better I know that the tension is going to come back in the house. I just hope the new meds I'm on can keep me from having angry flare ups at my family. Things have been going good lately, and i'd like to keep it that way. Ugh knock on wood.

So, school is tomorrow. I'm wondering what this year will hold, and who will be in my math 98 class. I wonder this because in my last math class at school (math 96), I met a bunch of people and it set the stage for the craziness that happened this summer. Makes me sort of happy that I am taking math 98, not 97, because there would be a good chance that I'd be with almost the exact same group. Granted, they're fun, but Josh Fischer made it really hard to pay attention (on the days that he WAS there). He's so cute. Probably best that I stay away from him, he has a very serious girlfriend that loves him-- and I'm not a complete bitch. I sort of doubt he's going to be moving on to math 97... I remember how much he was playing catch up at the end of the quarter this last spring.

I'm wondering mainly what people I'm going to meet this year. I met a LOT of people last year in my classes, some of which i'm not in contact with at all. I know that some of my friends that I have now i'll probably lose contact with. I'm sad that Brad isn't going to be in my Japanese class this upcoming quarter. Neither is:
-Mike F., That is unless Leah pulled him into another quarter. I wouldn't be surprised if I did see him in class tomorrow, but he seemed pretty set on not taking it when I talked to him last, prodominantly because he says he doesn't need the credits and that it'd be pointless.
-Marisa M., She is at a university now, and had to take a Japanese placement exam. She was really nice, and it's going to be sad having her gone.
-Chris S. Because he's actually IN Japan right now in the JET program. Very lucky.
-Brad P. Because of the time slot, and wanting to spend time with his kids. I could imagine having it right in the middle of te day would be inconvient for him.
-David Garcia. I don't know why he's not. He seems like he wants too, and said he may or may not be taking it.
-Gladys. She's going to a university too.

So that narrows our class down to the three fangirls, Ashley, Geoff, Leah, the three gamers that sit in the back, Andrew, Hannah, Chris with the guages, Nathanael, Mark, Zach, Jon, Ken, and... I'm pretty sure that's it. I feel like I'm missing a couple people but maybe not. It's going to be a pretty small class, but I'm almost sure that THIS group is going to pretty much stay consistant until the end of the year, except for Hannah who's leaving at the end of fall and me (I'm leaving after Winter, of course).  I already have an idea of who's going to be in the Year 1 classes too. Well, i know a few people that are taking it.

Anyway, I'm gonna get going. Gonna eat lunch and go to work.


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  1. Be careful with the grapefruit and meds. Grapefruit can cause interactions with some, including (but not limited to) some antidepressants. Wellbutrin isn't supposed to be a high risk with grapefruit--but some sources say you are supposed to eat grapefruit "with caution" with Wellbutrin. From what I've read, it's better to avoid grapefruit when taking most medications, to be on the safe side. Grapefruit can interfere with the way some drugs break down, so that you wind up with too much of the medication in your system.

    And PS... I saw a TV show once about "diet" food. It claimed that people actually do gain weight eating Special-K, due to hunger!

    Good luck with everything!


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