Saturday, September 10, 2011

I think I hate practically all "Happy" music. But will this change?

This song is retarded.
Yet, it has 15 million views and people love this song. Jason Mraz is now on my list of artists who I think are horrible. This list includes Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Modest Mouse, Foo Fighters, Autumn, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and now Jason Mraz. These 'happy go lucky', corny love songs, for some reason, make me cring. I don't understand people that like this kind of music. Some girl on YouTube told me that "unless you've been in love," I can never understand...

Well, someday, if I'm ever in love, I will not change my taste in music. I'll still listen to death metal and lots of other rock music (...except alternative). Doesn't matter who I'm with, they can put up with it. My mom told me that she used to listen to "hard" music (which was probably British punk rock because it was "in"..) but once she had babies she just thought it was "inappropriete" for a mom to be driving around blasting rock music with children in the car. This made me think. Even if I've loved rock music since the 8th grade, and it's become progressively harder over the years (from the hippie classic rock that I used to listen to my sophomore year to listening to Metallia, Mastodon and Opeth today), I wonder if my taste WILL change. Will I be listening to this corny, happy go lucky, acoustic guitar, make-me-want-to-puke-a-little-when-I-hear-this music? Time can only tell. I doubt it.

..And another thing, my mom listened to rap, hip-hop and pop in the car when we were kids. Are you telling me that that music is a better influence on kids then rock music? Probably not.

I like J-Pop, I guess that's the only break in the mold with my love and dedication to only rock music. I've only got a little on my Zune because it's hard to locate and download songs. Plus it's a pain to learn about artists because I have to weed through a lot of shitty, annoying ones. Granted, that's the same with any genre of music, but J-pop is especially hard because there's not a lot of sites in English that talk about it.

Last night I hung out with Robert's girlfriend, Vicki, and her ex boyfriend Adolfo. We smoked and had a good time. Last night there was some big football game up at the highschool, and I was at home doing my own thing when Vicki texted me. It was a very fun night. I just got really, really tired and paranoid after awhile and it was nice of her to take me home. I can't be staying out too late anyway. My parents are keeping kind of a close eye on me I think, probably because of how this summer has been.

When Vicki and Adolfo pulled up, my Dad yells "Avery some of your friends are here!" and Avery runs down, "OHH who is it?!" Like, OH YAY more people are here for ME! I'm like, "No, those are my friends..." And Avery replies, "What a surprise." Like, thus implying, 'Usually nobody comes over to see you.' My mom was like, "Well you know usually they're Avery's friends." I called Avery a stupid bitch and left. I don't give a fuck if Avery has more friends than me, you don't need to rub it in my face when I do go out.

Speaking of going out, it's Nick B.'s going away party today, but I don't think I'm going to go. Money is too tight right now and I need to save my gasoline for tomorrow. I'm going to that kickball thing. Tyler has been sort of cold toward me lately, so I don't think I'm going to take him with me and I'm going to take Ivy instead. She's really nice to me and cuts hair. : ) I'll be taking Adolfo, Samantha, Ivy, and maybe Jodi if she wants to go. I think Tyler Davis really wants her to go because he likes her.

There's only 9 days until school. I think today i'll study the hell out of Chapter 2, and then tomorrow i'll do 3, and so forth. That way I get fully caught up right on time. I've been studying quite a bit. Probably not going to make up for an entire summer of not studying but I'll be fine. I'm remembering so much already.

Today my goals are:
-Study Chapter 2
-Do Japanese worksheets
-Not laze around on the computer.
-Do 30 minutes pilates
-Do 45 min DDR
-play guitar for an hour
-Keep my sanity.


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