Thursday, September 15, 2011

My sister is going to the emergency clinic. Her right ear and nose is closed up, and her throat is burning. She also has a horrendous cough. I hope she can get some treatment and can just rest. She is not giving herself a chance to heal because she stays up until 1 am texting people. Soo I have little sympathy on how slow this has been healing, but I warned her that if she's not careful she could potentially get a pnumonia. This could cause her to be out of school for a month versus just this week. I still haven't gotten sick yet, I'm very thankful. I've been eating grapefruit and taking prenatals everyday. Maybe this makes me more resiliant. I need to buy more grapefruit though... I've eaten a bag of them in a week. I've still got $50 out of the $60 that my parents gave us from simply not leaving the house and doing anything. Best way to save.

I've been spending a lot of my time either playing the guitar, pilates, smoking or dinking around online. I need to incorporate more studying into this time or I'm going to feel a little lost when school starts up again. Granted, I have studied Japanese more than most people have this summer, but I need to really crack down these next two days. I have work on Sunday so I probably won't study that much but I should try to make today, tomorrow and saturday a cram day. At least get in two hours each day. Then I will be ready. 100% ready.

Waking up in the morning with no plans sucks balls. This never used to bother me much back in middle school when I would spend about eight hours a day on Neopets. Back then I generally tried to avoid people at all costs, aside from Katelynn. In highschool when I had soccer practice on a near day to day basis during the summer, I always had something to do.

I want one.
I think I'm gonna go make some morning brew....

I think naturally I'm just a loner. I can go very long stretches of time with no contact with anyone, but writing these blog entries helps me get stuff off my mind without nessasarily telling anyone. I do like being around people, but only people that I actually enjoy the company of, which isn't too many.

I'm pretty happy because I haven't gotten any call from Rite Aid complaining about signatures on reciepts, maybe I didn't miss any after all. Looks like I did a good job after all. I am still a little confused on certain functions on the register, but it seems like most people that come through there are patient so it's okay. I'm good with money, and I don't make errors with change. I'm sure that's the most important thing to them.

Mmm, sweet coffee. I love this strong coffee that Brad from Japanese class gave me with sweet n low. Soo good. I usually don't put any sweeteners in my coffee and just put up with the bitterness, but this morning I felt like going through the extra effort because I actually have the time to enjoy what I'm drinking instead of chugging while I put my makeup on.

Haven't gotten a call from the lady from Burbank yet about the new site director, and it's making me slightly anxious because I made a sacrafice for this job-- I dropped a morning drawing class that I wanted to take. Though this class was just for fun, I've wanted to take it since I got to CBC and I still haven't gotten the opportunity, this time because of this morning tutoring job. But if I'm not even going to get a call from them what am I supposed to do? I don't know her number... I already have one job, but having two jobs would be amazing because i'd make a lot more money AND get great experience working with kids. Still, if I don't get that job I guess i'll have more time to study in the morning. Math and Japanese are both hard classes,and I'm going to have to study and get a lot of work done. Luckily Rite Aid is only going to want me on the weekends (counting Thursday nights), prodominantly.

I am going to set some goals for today. I guess with my parents gone I've been trying to be as productive as possible because the house is quiet, and I'm also trying to keep the house very clean.

1. Clean up the kitchen. Get rid of that rice, whipe down the counters, put away the dishes, put in new dishes.
2. Clean up the living room, my sister leaves such a damn mess in there.
3. Whipe down the bathroom.
4. Bring up the laundry from downstairs and put clothes in designated rooms. Start a new load of laundry.
5. Study Japanese for TWO HOURS.
6. Do pilates for a half hour.
7. Play guitar for an hour.

...And if all that gets done, make a youtube video. That is, if I have any ideas for it.

I'm gonna go take a shower.


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