Monday, August 1, 2011

Lets be honest. Why money is the most important thing to me.

I'm going to be honest with everyone. Money is the most important thing in my life.

A lot of people say "Money isn't the most important thing," but I'd like them to explain to me their honest reasoning and why they feel that it's not. Because when I look at my own life, I see nothing more important besides school.

Levels of Importance for my Wellbeing, and how money connects with everything:

1. School. If I don't try hard and not study, therefore not getting good grades, then I won't graduate college and I won't get a good job in the future and I won't MAKE money. All the fighting that I dealt with between my parents when I was a kid was ultimately about money and how much debt we racked up living in California. It was miserable, and has caused me to fear more than anything being in debt and having to deal with the same garbage that they have.

2. Money. Without it, I can't get to school, I can't look good (because without makeup and skin care products, who could look good?), I have no social life. Everything falls apart. Luckily, my parents do support me, for the time being, but I know that right now ALL they support is gasoline for my car and don't give me money for clothes and makeup and stuff. That being said, hopefully I get a job so I can both save up some money and buy some clothes for the first time in a year.

3. My best friends. The reason why they come after school and money is because without money I'd never be able to see them because I would never want to be a mooch and every time we go anywhere have to have THEM pay. Without money, I'd have no gasoline to go see them.
My best friends are the most important social aspect of my life because without them, I'd probably go crazy with no outlet to get away from the stress at home and school. Though I only have a few best friends that I can trust: Katelynn, Katharine, Michael, and Robert, they mean the world to me and I would do anything for them.

4. My immediate family. In other words, my parents and my sister. My parents support me financially, and have never kicked me out or anything. They're supporting me in college, regardless of my Dad thinking I'm lazy as shit because I don't have a job. Someday, when I do have a job, I'll be able to break away from their support more so I don't have to deal with my dad screaming at me over how much money he has to spend on my gasoline, the car payment, insurance, and college.

5. Fitness. I will never become fat. I have to work out constantly and eat healthy to do this because I feel like, unlike the rest of my immediate family, that I got the fat gene and if I eat unhealthy I'll quickly gain weight and I'll immediately become depressed. That being said, I have to BUY groceries so that I can eat healthy. Without fresh food in the house, my diet immediately goes south, and I put on weight. This is how money connects with my health and fitness.

6. Happiness. Very rarely do I feel satisfied or "happy" with my life, but when I do, everything above is going well and then overall happiness happens temporarily.

That's pretty much it, those are the most important things in my life that have to work together for overall happiness. Because I'm a libra, I have to always be in balance to be happy, and all of those things above have near equal importance because if ONE falls apart, the others start to fall apart with it.

Notice how "Love" isn't up there. Because I've never been in love, this isn't important to me and I doubt I will EVER be in love and have someone that actually does care about me to that extent. But if I ever am with someone and get hitched or any of that shit, I'm intending on having enough money to support myself and I'd expect him to do the same because honestly after I've seen what my parents have been through I'm convinced that money problems can seriously destroy any "love."

I need to pack a lunch and go to school, but I had to get this off my chest...


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