Sunday, August 7, 2011

I need more friends...

I'm lonely today. Like I'd really like to hang out with someone but I don't really have any girls to call....

I know this is messy, but for the most part, this is all of my friends that are girls that I would hang out with.
They're all completely different from one another.

Katelynn is at work. Can't get ahold of Samantha because she has no phone. Katharine is at school. Lindy isn't picking up her phone. Leah lives really far. Hannah lives really far. I'd call Shavonne but I want to be outside tanning or something, not sitting watching TV. Granted, that's okay sometimes, just not right now. I just really want someone to tan and bullshit with right now... I'm so lonely. : (

I don't really want to hang out with a guy either. Not that there's anything wrong with Robert or any of the other guys I hang out with, but usually they don't like to tan. Actually, especially not Robert, he hates the heat. Tyler never wants to hang because he's always playing video games-- and he'd rather just text all the time.. -____- So I hate even asking. I wouldn't want to hang out with Guy today either, it's way too damn far and I'm not in that mood.

Maybe Michael? But he's never really willing to drive out to Benton city either. More than likely i'm gonna have to drive today if I want to hang out with anyone. All I want to do is tan in the yard, so it'd be nice to have someone that lived nearby... Fuck Benton City, I hate hardly having any friends that live here. Luckily I'll be out of here soon, though. Nic B. lives in Benton City too, and he's pretty much like hanging out with a girl, but he's sometimes sort of judgemental of me.

I do have quite a few friends, but I'm definately just looking for a girl to hang out with right now. I got ahold of Leah, but it'd be such a bitch driving out there and I wish it wasn't so far.... But I think today I'm going to get really bummed if I don't go hang out with anyone. I need to have a little bit of fun, I haven't in days.

I'll figure something out.


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