Saturday, August 27, 2011

what the hell.

This is a blog entry from my phone. I have to write this before I forget how hypocritical my family can be. Ill write more details later. This morning at 4:30 am I was woken up by a restricted call from the w. Richland police department. On the other line he was like, "is this emily?" And I'm like "yes..." and he's like "this is the west richland police department.." immediately I got sort of nervous. I guessed first that maybe tyler got in trouble and needed me to come get him or... for some reason that a psycho was in our backyard coming up to our house. Either way I wasn't pleased, but when he said it was my sister my heart skipped a beat.
I immediately asked "is she okay?!" And he nonchalantly says "she's finnnnne." I go to my moms room and tell her the police is on the phone and she does the same thing. Slightly freaks out. They tell her she's at the west richland retirement homes. Again, its 4:30 in the fucking morning and my sister has my parents van. They tell her they were in a van watching a movie with a guy and that my sisters friend said she was at our house. He said they suspected "they didn't get the whole story," as if they met up with this guy for a 3 way or to use drugs or drink or something.
Nope! They were literally out at 4 am, in my parents van watching a movie with marisa's boy toy out in a park a block away from marisa's house. On top of it, my sister was caught wearing no shirt (just a sports bra). I thought my sister was going to get in a shit ton of trouble.
Nope!!! In fact my mom wasn't mad at all and because my dad didn't wake up until later after the phone call nobody freaked out. I go out in the living room to get my phone... and there's a guy sitting on our living room couch. AFTER my dad woke up and SAW he was there. No yelling, no screaming, no fighting, no punishment.
Let's compare to practically any time I hung out with my friends this summer. Hell even a couple nights ago when tyler was here. He leaves at 11:30, barely makes a peep. At 2 am my dad wakes up and practically punches a hole in the wall saying he's sick and tired of "fucking guys" and basically makes me feel like shit from his hysterics as if I really did something wrong. On top of it, one of his main things about tyler is that "he had his damn hat on sideways." It was backwards. Averys stupid friend's boy friend zayne was wearing a hat. Do you think he'll get called white trash? Do you think avery will be screamed at about this? Nopenopenope!!
This is, my friends, the perfect example of double standards in my house. It doesn't even end there. They're on the porch. Still. Laughing and talking. At 5:30 am. I want to go deck them all in the face. I'm just happy my sister is okay, though. For a second I thought she was in some hospital somewhere-- or worse, dead.

Yours, emily
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