Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome to Hell.

The next couple days are going to be really tough, so I should probably get some sleep soon.

Brad and I met up today and did some studying in the Richland Public Library. It went good. I'm still shaky as hell on this chapter but at least it was a very good refresher and I'm prepared to study for it tomorrow with a clue in my head of what I need to do. Brad is super nice to help me out with this, and eventually I'm going to repay him with some free babysitting or something.

I would love to have a wine cooler but it can wait until tomorrow. I'm gonna be celebrating getting done with one of my finals and then on THURSDAY I'm going hoping to have a lot of fun. I have no clue what my plan is at this point besides hanging out with Tyler and going swimming but whatever, haha. I'll be so happy to be done that it doesn't matter what I'm doing.... Just, to be done, my god. But I still have a lot of work to do. I've hated this quarter since day one, and it's time to get over the last big hill before I'm DONE.

Today I didn't go to the school because I didn't have class or any test going on, but tomorrow I'm planning on going pretty early to get studying done. Hopefully tomorrow morning before I go I can mail out a couple of those packages.... My mom didn't get me the boxes today, and it's getting later and later and I'm going to get so many haters soon. It's freaking me out. Where am I going to get those damn boxes if I can't buy them? The post office doesn't have them in the right size. Ugh.

I'm not really feeling like going into any of my feelings on anything right now, other than the fact that i've been sort of lonely and I am looking forward to spending more time with friends once school gets out.... maybe? Probably not.

Well, I'll figure it all out.


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