Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's 1:47 am. Better write something.

I'm so wide awake right now, it's ridiculous. Yet not very motivated to do anything. That's what I get for drinking coffee at 7 pm.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie with this guy Kevin Sackett, who I randomly decided to make plans with when it seemed like he wasn't doing anything tonight either. I think it was a date-- kind of, which is pretty unusual. I seriously had no clue guys did that anymore, hahaha. He'd already seen the movie (he's a pretty diehard fan, apparently) but he was willing to sit through it again for me because it was really freaking good. Rowling, and the producers of the Harry Potter movies, wrapped it up fantastically. Every knot was tyed in the end. One of these days, even if I know what happens, I'd love to read the books or watch the whole series from the beginning. It'd take hours though, haha.

I need to start treating my family better. Me and my mom keep on getting in these fights and I know it stresses her out when me and my dad put her through this. The stress prodominantly stems from my Dad, though, who ever since this conflict with his family started continues to be on edge with everyone and yells and makes everyone miserable. He's going through a lot with his family, I'm going through a lot with school, and my mom is with work and dealing with me and my Dad. I just wish we could all be at peace with eachother, but with me and my dad's anger problems it never seems to sustain itself.

I'm going to really try to make an effort this week to stop being so negative toward everyone and everything. It's really hard for me when I tend to have such a negative outlook on life but I keep on thinking of this one thing that Guy told me the last time I saw him-- that he believes that if you only say positive things you'll radiate positive energy and people will be attracted to that. I honestly think he's right. Though I'll probably never see Guy again, I really do appreciate him for keeping things interesting this summer, and that.

This week is going to be hella stressful. It's officially Sunday. This week I'm going to have to work harder than I've ever worked to pass this quarter, and hopefully by this time next Sunday I'll have survived, and I'll be completely wasted in celebration of being done with summer quarter.


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