Saturday, August 6, 2011

Extension handles make things a lot easier. AND MY PLAN.

Okay okay, time to get really focused and crack down on school because I only have....

12 more days!!!
This shit is coming down to the end!

This is gonna have to be a pretty quick entry because I need to get started on the shed again now that it's cooled down a bit. I already spent like three hours on it this morning but now I have an extension handle so it makes things a LOT easier. It'll be nice to get paid for this. My dad said he'd kick me $60. Which will get me out of the 0 hole. Not by much, but enough to last me for gas for a couple weeks. It's gonna be nice to not have to ask for gas money for two weeks. That's the most important thing. Gas is the only thing I can afford to spend money on. Speaking of which, I need to go to the school and see how much I owe on the stepp plan. I'll have to do that on monday when I go in to get math tutoring and get one of the two labs done.

I did NOT do very well on my last math exam, so my overall grade currently is about a solid C. In order to survive and pass this quarter, I could really use a better grade on the next test and a GOOD grade on the final exam. I need a gameplan! I can do this, I really can, I just need to plan it right and crack down on it 100%.

Daily Homework for the Next 12 Days:
-August 7th: Quiz 5 & 7.4
-August 9th- 7.5. Study 2 hours.
August 10th. Study 2 hours.
-August 11th. 7.4-7.5 due.
-August 12th. Quiz 6.
-August 13th: REVIEW-- STUDY 2 HOURS
-August 14th: Review what I learned yesterday.
-August 15th: Exam 3!
-August 16th: Review! Study 2 hours for final.
-August 17th: Study all I need for the final.
-August 18th. Final Exam. The most important day this summer.

I also have to think about Biology, which I will take as it comes. Biology isn't that hard, and she keeps us very updated via e-mail on what we have to do. I've got two labs due on Wednesday, which I'll start working on Monday before class. I'm probably going to get a pretty good grade in that class. I have gotten A's and B's on every assignment.

I've been trying to get a math tutor-- but it's harder than it seems. Not very many people know how to do math well enough to teach it, and to make it worse I want them to be able to come to Benton city or be able to meet up with me in Richland. So more than likely my efforts will be futile and I'll just have to go to CBC more than I'd like too, but that's how things go. I have to be aware that my parents do NOT want to pay for another quarter of Math 97-- so I really need to TRYTRYTRY. Michael Fuller is in the same boat.

So I am going to study and get help all that I can... I can't be lazy or I will be kicking myself mercilessly during my time off.
God I've been getting major school burnout lately. i'm not looking forward to fall quarter at all. I really gotta study some massive Japanese when I have my break here, too.


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