Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Google SUCKS. Patience.

I love psychadelic artwork.

Waiting is hard. I'm anxiously wondering how my drug test is going to come out and if I even have a chance of getting that job at Rite Aid. Probably not at this point, but I can only hope. I actually PRAYED yesterday that if I get this job, I promiss I won't smoke pot again. This seems slightly unrealistic but if I get this job I'm going to keep my promiss. I can't break a promiss to God, he'll smite me!! This was the first prayer I've done since tennis season my Senior year.

Right now I'm trying to download the sims 2 onto one of my mom's computers. Don't tell her, haha. I'm just trying this to see if it works but I doubt it will. But if it does i'll have something to keep me busy for tonight. Granted, I'm not planning on doing anything spectacular on this new town, but I'm hoping to build some houses and upload them to the Sims 2 exchange so that when I get a REALLY GOOD computer, I can just download those houses directly from the Sims Exchange onto my new town. Or maybe I could find a way to buy this computer from my mom. This thing is on a shared network, which is slightly scary to me because I can't delete anything that i've installed when I install it. Like for instance, when I make videos on this computer and try to delete the excess, it won't let me because I don't have administrative rights.

Life has been sort of boring today. I painted the shed. I'm sort of happy to be secluded because when I'm secluded I don't spend money or do anything stupid. I'm pretty lonely today, but it happens. Maybe I'll make a youtube video or something on my old computer. It pisses me off just using that thing though, with it's damned overheating problems.

I've been playing the guitar a lot, and right now i'm learning Snowblind by System of a Down on a program that Robert showed me. It's pretty cool and it's a great way to get relaxed before bed. Usually, I'm dual tasking when I practice. Because I'm trying to get stretching and mechanics down, I play the same thing over and over. That can be boring, so I leave on a youtube video on the side to listen too.

Speaking of Snowblind, that was my song of the week this week. : ) I've been doing that on Facebook. Google is pissing me off because suddenly my "Google" account is everywhere and it makes things harder to log into, EVERYWHERE... especially on here!! I prefer to have a seperate account on every website, not connect them all using stupid Google or worse yet, connecting all of my sites to facebook. Another thing that I hate about Google is I feel like when I write these entries I have to rush because it logs me out constantly.

School is starting tomorrow for the highschoolers. Hard to believe I've officially been out of highschool for more than a year now. Time goes by very quickly. I'm not sure if my life has improved since highschool. I think my insecurities have gotten somewhat better... I feel like I've grown up a little bit definately. I'm skinnier. My hair is longer. I know how to do my makeup better. Oh, and I know a little Japanese now. But over the past year going to CBC, I don't feel like that much has changed.


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