Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting done one step at a time.

I feel pretty accomplished right now, having survived somewhat painlessly through the first week of really difficult work.

Today I had my math test over Chapter 7, which honestly came pretty easy. I came in sort of early and met this one guy named... I think Taylor, or Thomas, I can't remember, who didn't know what room we were supposed to go too either. It was funny because after we walked in I caught him biting his nails. It seemed like everyone was a little bit nervous, even if he was the first one done. I can't help but wonder how I compare to the rest of the class at this point... I think I did well on today's test, and the results will be up later tonight.

I did not however get a chance to go to Sally's and get those boxes. I just totally spaced it. I went to wal mart and bought myself dinner, then got gasoline, and forgot why I got off that exit in the first place. I'll keep trying to get ahold of my mom but she hasn't picked up her phone all day. I hope I come home and it'll be there, otherwise I'm going to have to start sacraficing some money to ship those damn things out. ugh. Never doing this again.

I also got my lab report done, but haven't really studied for jeopardy today. Reason being, I really know this material. Species, ecosystems, populations, and environmental impact is my specialty in biology, so this next test this wednesday should be pretty easy. I've got my math test on thursday, which means I've got two days to prepare. It's very important that I do well on it, or goodbye good GPA. I'm hoping to get at least a 2.8 overall in the class, but that might be wishful thinking. Just gotta do well on that damn final.

Well, I'm gonna go study. I feel super calm right now... Super good tilapia. I'd really like to go on a run though when I get home so hopefully class will be sort of quick. Hopefully Lindy would be down to run too, I hate running too late at night.


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