Friday, April 19, 2013

There's always shit to do

I've had a pretty fun week, mainly because I've had a lot of people over lately. I honestly get so much satisfaction out of making people feel welcome around me. When I like someone or want to get to know them of course, or have invited them to spend with me. I love making food and drinks for people, smoking, and really talking/getting to know someone. I haven't hung out with Terry since Monday so I'm wondering if I'll see him this weekend. If not it's cool, like Jake said to me yesterday...

There's always shit to do.

It's true, so regardless of where I go or who I end up with everything's gonna be okay.

I guess I just really like Terry.  He didn't do very well on that test, he got a 72%.. So he goes to Carbaugh's office and asks WHY he missed the questions that he did. He's always getting clarification from Sipic on things we learn in statistics as well. It's natural that I would want someone who is also as driven as I am. I'm pretty sure I'd frustrate a super laid back guy because he wouldn't understand my I'm so focused on my routines. I wouldn't want someone that would take me away from that, either, and when I see how engrossed Terry is in his sports, fitness, academics and job I'm extremely impressed.

But does he actually like me? Maybe. He likes me enough to go out of his way to try to spend time with me at least once a week for the past four weeks or so, and we're gradually getting more friendly with eachother.

There's a really tall basketball player girl that sits next to me in Economics and next to Terry on the right in Stats. She bought him a coffee today, I wouldn't be surprised if she likes him too. There's also this annoying redheaded bimbo in my stats class that tries to get his attention. Blegh, I'm not saying I'm intentionally paying attention to other girls that are looking at him, it's just obvious that he's never had a problem with it. Which is why I have to continue to act very coy toward him and play the cat and mouse game.

I feel like I've been playing the cat and mouse game since I've started dating. In my life I only recall really having feelings toward two other guys-- Chad and Jack, both of which I was in sort of this back-and-forth, frustrating game with for a long period of time but never ended up in a relationship. It's like they liked me enough to let me stroke their ego but they didn't like me enough to take the step to actually be seen with me, which was extremely frustrating and painful at the time.

I cannot say things have gotten that much better for me with this new guy that I actually like, but there's a huge difference in the amount of self esteem I had then versus now. That and I don't care as much.

Anyway yeah,  I'm hoping to find a job here in Ellensburg so I can work and take classes over the summer. He's planning on taking international economics which was what I was planning to take too. I would much rather have the opportunity to take classes this summer and graduate at the end of next spring then go to school NEXT summer which is what I'm inevitably going to have to do based on my credit standings now.

If not so be it, I can understand why my Dad wants a break from student loans this summer...

Class registration is on the 6th. I'm going to turn in an application to Happy Market today, I'm hoping I can get a job soon if I start applying every day. I really want to start making some money and as I'm getting my academics more under control it seems more plausible. I'm getting used to the pace of college classes.

I ordered guitar pro through Amazon and it should be arriving home shortly. I'm considering taking a trip to Benton city for said purpose this weekend if it arrives, (it should be..). I told my Dad to keep an eye out for it and he said he'd call me when it comes in the mail. I'm probably going to double check with my Mom today. If so I could be driving back to the tri cities tomorrow if I feel up to it, who knows. 

Gotta study excel


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