Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You must be hovering over yourself

Look at these BEAUTIFUL nails....

Ha ha, remembered to buy some sparkly nailpolish the last time I went to Fred Meyer I believe. This is just cheap Sinful Colors brand but a few coats and it's just as sparkly and gaudy as any other brand. This nail polish chips differently than other colors, though, in a way that instead of coming off in tiny specks it peels off all at once. So you have these weird sparkle chips the size of your nail bed that come off randomly when you're wearing this, it's unlike many other nail polishes I've tried.

Today was quite a normal Tuesday. I'll probably move that chair in from the living room to do some studying. Carefully, that is... that bamboo chair Kristin has that I've been continually moving has been coming apart a little bit in the middle and it makes me slightly concerned. Figure I've got a month left living with her, the last thing I'd want to do is break her favorite chair.. It's just so nice to study in and I don't want to take up her domain in the living room.

Skipped speech today. For a good reason, too. Had to drop off a resume to another hostess position which I'm really crossing my fingers to get a call back on. The employees there seemed pretty bored at 2:30 so it was a good time to come in. I met a guy named Tyler who seemed to be getting some on the job training when I got there so clearly they've been hiring new people.

I also picked up a couple applications. This whole thing was a big hassle because I had to go back and forth to print things in the library twice, and it was ridiculously cold out. There was a fierce gust out there and the weather seemed to be down in the low 40's.

I did really well on an economics quiz that I did yesterday, got a 91% because Carbaugh added a point to everyone's scale (yesterday I thought I got an 88%). Terry didn't do very well and we haven't talked much this week, probably because he doesn't want me asking what I got on it like he always asks me... Nope not this time. We've got an economics test on Friday or monday on fiscal policy, government spending, and a bunch of stimulus/retraction junk that I'm planning on studying tonight. Sipic just barely posted the homework and the lecture today was super repetitive.

I have to find some stupid seminar to attend for my speech class one of these days so I can finish that review. Then all I have to do is my persuasive speech and that's it for assignments this quarter for that class I believe. I've loved this quarter so far, really. Last spring I was working at Rite aid and taking my last quarter of Japanese at CBC... a lot less stimulating then life is now.

I have been looking into lucid dreaming and meditating on a daily basis lately and I think it's improved my thought clarity. It's a bizarre feeling to meditate, it's a completely altered state of consciousness that cannot be explained unless you experience it for yourself. And once you do meditation becomes a daily ritual because it feels GOOD... like you're floating over your body. 


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