Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bloodhounds a good option for a first dog..?

Would it be hilarious if I bought a bloodhound and named her Ladybird? Ha ha.

I would really like to get a dog someday when I get my first place. I always grew up with cats and I love my Miranda to death, but whether I would like to get another cat or not is undecided. I feel that living on my own and being independent it would be nice to have a dog around. Of course that's pretty far into the future so I cannot predict what my circumstances will be like. I just need to focus on graduating now. 

It would be my first dog ever, though. I'm a pretty relaxed person so I would like a more sedentary breed of dog yet friendly and loyal. 

Alright gonna go meditate and sleep...

Just wanted to share this awesome idea.


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