Sunday, April 7, 2013

Look it's baby Reese! Lindy had her baby, he's lovely. 

Lindy's always been an extremely sweet person, she was a very good friend to me back in highschool and we've really lost touch since I've gone to college. I know she knows that I care about her. I'm really happy for her and her new family. Lindy is now engaged to a military guy named Kc. This is him.

His mom seems crazy about Lindy! She loves her, Lindy clearly loves Kc and seems very accepting of the military circumstances. 

It's kind of funny, Logan is actually going into the military too. Logan's someone else that was really part of my life back in highschool. Lol he was so stubborn at times and we were all so competitive with eachother. I feel like Logan will be really good in the military, he's always seemed like the type to really benefit from that career path. He wasn't necessarily a superb student but he's smart enough that he'll be able to operate machinery and take orders well. Who knows, maybe I'll meet him again someday and he'll be a high ranking military official. 

I love facebook... It's such an interesting time in all of our lives and to be able to see people's lives transition so rapidly over the past few years has been pretty astounding. 

I posted this picture on facebook today. I think it's hilarious, I captioned it, "This'll be my kid."

I feel like I'm still pretty far away from the point that I will want to be parent. I feel like everything has been coming to me in good time and hopefully I see myself having my first baby when I'm 25. My Mom was like, "What? You better get on that then.." meaning uh, Emily you haven't had an actual boyfriend for two years now, how the hell are you gonna have a baby in 4 years? 

Today was a pretty rigorous study day for me, exclusively in economics because I have a test tomorrow. I studied for about 2 1/2 hours before Terry texted me at 4' pm asking if I'd studied, lol. Honestly it was the first time I'd really sat down and looked at my economic material for more than 20 minutes all week so I was down to study again. freaking statistics is incredibly time consuming and it's going to dominate some time tomorrow too for our first test on Tuesday. 

Anyway Terry and I met up at the library at 9:30 pm. He was working on doing some revisions to his philosophy when I first got there and we ended up going upstairs to study at some tables. We quizzed eachother on concepts and a lot of the vocab and I was surprised at how many of the questions I knew. I feel confident on tomorrow's test, learning about taxes these past couple weeks has been relatively straightforward.

The study session went really well, it was very productive. We definitely have the same feeling about tests where if there's even one problem that you're like "What the f**k" you just feel like crap. Like walking into a classroom when you don't know the material for a test is the most daunting feeling in both of our opinion so I hope we'll be studying a lot more together. 

He's taken accounting 252 with Holtfreter too so that was pretty hilarious to talk about. He said that class was HARD for him too so it wasn't just my imagination, ha ha. 


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