Monday, April 15, 2013

First time bars in eburg, busy a## mondays

Hello to anyone who reads my blogs. As you can see, it snowed this morning.
Very cold, uncomfortable walk to economics class. Did Terry offer to give me a ride back? Of course not. ha ha ha. 

I didn't end up seeing him all weekend. He texted me first thing Saturday morning and we sort of threw around the idea of seeing eachother but it didn't end up happening. He asked me if I wanted to study economics with him last night but postponed it until today because he had to finish writing a paper (tomorrow we have a test in economics). He didn't really seem interested in talking to me in class so it could go either way tonight. It doesn't matter and I am not worried about it, I will get the work done either way. 

 I had a really good weekend because I had my first experience going to bars in Ellensburg.

The bars were actually a lot nicer than I expected. Much nicer than the ones in Richland, and there were hardly any older adults-- it consisted primarily of 20-somethings so I did see some girls from my classes. I also saw a couple of Allie's friends, like Oscar and some guys that live with him. I talked to them quite a bit and danced with Allie's Puerto Rican friend once I got a little more drunk. At about 1:30 I really wanted to get the hell out of that place though (Called The 301, I'm pretty sure).. Not because I was uncomfortable necessarily but because it was loud and alcohol has a way of making me tired.

The cute guy in my professional speaking class is a bartender at the starlight. He's a really attractive, "heart-throb"-y guy, like he's the kind of guy that that gets fan girls from acting sweet to being borderline sappy. On one of the first days we'd talked about the guitar because he'd talked about it in his personal introduction, but now that he's come to realize how serious I am about it he doesn't want to come around me. I had asked him about it and he's like "Yeaaah I need to practice.." lol. Ha ha, he's just so pretty to look at, I enjoy catching glances from him and watching his speeches for that reason alone. 

I had a nice visit with Katharine. It was good to get a chance to catch up with her. It seems like things in LA are going fine, she's living with Brian and his roomates currently and he is planning to leave his current job. I'm pretty sure Katharine told me that Brian works for a restaurant which his father helps supply the fish too. He just finished writing a book recently. Katharine is coaching track and working somewhere other than the wedding column. I can't remember where she said she was working exactly but I believe it has something to do with doing secretarial work or proofreading for a private firm.

Today I have a lot to get done so I'm considering taking a Rhodiolla here in a minute. I've drank two cups of coffee and one glass of tea which has kept me going but I feel myself getting more tired and worn out feeling. Usually happens around 5'. 

Anywhere here's what I have to get done or else I'll have quite a frustrating day tomorrow:
1. Start statistics chapter 5 homework
2. move laundry, get that done...
3. practice guitar for an hour, play nothing else matters 8-10 times
4. write my chapter 18 speech which I have to do in class tomorrow.

My classes have been pretty fun lately. I've been under little stress so far but I know that things are going to get more difficult. That's why I have to keep on top of it on a daily basis.


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