Friday, April 12, 2013

Well the crazy lady's gone

Hello everyone. What do you think of this font? It's called "Trebuchet." Maybe I'll set this as my preset font. I can't tell if my eyes can get used to this font or not. 

Yeah probably not. 

Alright so, let's see, haven't written in a few days. It's Friday and here I am in my scrubby clothes at 5:30 pm. I just had dinner a few minutes ago. I had whole wheat pasta with vegetables and chicken on top. This is what I like to eat almost every day lately, it's so healthy. 

I'm staying in Ellensburg this weekend after all. I had my lesson with Jacob last night and he told me we weren't going to do an actual practice run-through at the pre-recital. It's more of a way for Jake to figure out the seating arrangement, which is cool-- but yeah not gonna drive back to the tri cities for a 10 minute run-through. 

My lesson was really good last night. Jake sent me the Nothing Else Matters backing track that I need to be able to play with perfectly. I realize now that I'm not actually playing with the TRACK in the background... Gah, I'm a noob. No, it's going to be just a little track in the background... for 6 minutes. Why the hell did I insist on picking such a long song. 

Jake wants me to practice it 8-10 times with the track per day until the 27th. I plan on doing so. Today I've been working on adding some tab to the sheet music that I ordered. The way that it's laid out shows different guitar parts in pieces so I've been unable to use it. I don't know, it's hard to explain, I'm getting it taken care of.

My visit with my friend Evan went well. He came over a couple nights ago around 7:30. We went down the Surc to meet up with a friend of his, came back and took this pic. Our visit was really fun but pretty brief. We basically hung out and watched netflix for a bit then I had to study. He crashed on the futon. I noticed Kristin hasn't slept out there since. 

Evan  said he might come up and hang out with me next weekend! That's awesome, glad to see I have a new person to hang out with on the weekends. 

Right now I'm not entirely sure what my plans are this weekend. I know that Katharine is going to be in Ellensburg at some point but I probably won't get a chance to see her until tomorrow. To be honest I'm kind of happy I'm not driving back to the tri cities, that would be such a huge pain in the ass right now. Now that Katelynn and I aren't best friends there's not much reason to go back... I mean anyone else I could just communicate with on facebook but Katelynn was someone that I always wanted face time with to get away.

That being said there is a chance Terry and I could see eachother this weekend. Yesterday I texted him asking if we could plan to sit next to eachother in lab and he's like "Yea we can probably do that." So today we sat next to eachother and I think he anticipated being the one to help me but it was visa-versa. He told me that he had years of experience using Excel but today he didn't know how to move the table around... Lol. Okay I'm definately not an expert at this crap either but it wasn't him sitting there holding my hand to get me through the homework today like I think he expected.

Numerous times he asked me, "Are you getting this?" Like asking if I need help. I'm happily said, "Nope!" and would then get ahead of him and he'd ask me to get caught up. It's felt great being on top of my academic game lately. 

There's this really cool guy in my stats class that helped me get through some of the final steps of the lab. I can't remember his name but he reminds me of Will Ferrell. Anyway he helped me finish the lab, then I helped Terry, then again we were a couple of the last ones out of there. Maybe because we actually get the lab done in the time allotted. About half the class leaves just 10 or 15 minutes after Sipic finishes explaining the material. 

The crazy older lady is gone from my classes I think. Damn it, she was providing some regular entertainment-- but not having her there has made it easier for my professors to get through there lectures so that's a plus. Okay if you guys haven't read about the crazy lady yet, she's this woman in late 30's to early 40's who was in both my Statistics and Economics class this quarter. In both classes she would continually raise her hand asking these asinine questions that are so irrelevant that people would just roll their eyes any time she'd raise her hand.

On Monday she was especially bad in economics. That day in statistics during our review for the test Terry and I were chatting more than usual and trying to help eachother out. Needless to say, I do not include the crazy lady in my conversations regardless of the fact that she sits next to me and tries to butt in continually. Terry and I were looking at something trying to figure out a step and the crazy lady tapped on my shoulder and said "Well here's my answer!" and points to it. I'm like, "Oookay.." Shortly after she shoots up her hand and asks another stupid question and I finally just cracked up.

Like I chuckled out loud, I'm not going to lie. I think I was facing Terry and said something along the lines of "Oh my God..." and she said "Is that a stupid question?!" and I'm like "No, no, I'm just laughing at something my friend is doing.."

The next day she moved to the row behind me, and for the rest of the week she didn't show up to economics. If she's been in stats it's only been for a couple of days because I haven't heard her ass backwards, kind of "showy," jargon-filled but obviously NOT knowing-the-context-of-the-word questions. Older students that act like they have something to prove piss everyone off. Ha ha university level college is a lot better than community college because you don't have to deal with that as much.

But yeah I think she's done. For some reason I'm having a feeling I drove her nuts. I bring out the crazy in people at times... 


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