Saturday, April 27, 2013

First Recital! Hotel glass blowing

I am so brain dead, today's been incredibly busy. Feeling accomplished about the recital but also very frustrated with myself.

It doesn't take studying business to know that a hotel wouldn't host a glassblowing contest at midnight.

This morning I woke up at my friend Connor's house at 4 am. He came in drunk and wouldn't stop talking until about 7 about strange nonsense. He told me that he'd been out last night at a glass blowing contest, at the M hotel in Richland. I was like wait, what? Where was this, indoors? According to Connor, yes. Simply imagine a bunch of "hippies" (as he described it), in a contest to see who could create the best pipe in a certain amount of time.... And this contest would be happening at midnight. The whole thing just seemed like a bizarre string of lies...

I was kind of disturbed. I didn't want to ask any questions, I just wanted to get going.

I had forgotten my brush and some clothes that I needed and felt very homeless-y driving home. I took a shower the second I got back before the water got shut off in the house.

I really don't want to recap what happened with the concert because I still feel like I have negative feelings about how the whole thing turned out. Not what I envisioned and it was entirely, 100% my fault. I was late and almost missed my opportunity to play. Jacob was able to get me in, thank God.. And I was on immediately pretty much the second I got in.

The playing itself went really well and I was complimented.. Just the whole process of getting in late had me so flustered and feeling like I was going to cry because I knew my parents were going to miss it. I ended up playing it again for them this evening so I'm feeling a bit better than that.

I got a certificate... : ) That makes me suppppper stoked, having this physical manifestation of my accomplishment versus say just a grade.. It's just fantastic. Like now that the recital is over and I reflect on how things really did go in my favor regardless I cannot complain. I could have missed the entire concert and that would have just been.... omg.... well I'd honestly be sleeping right now. That's usually all I can do when something so catastrophic happens that I can't comprehend it.

But no that did NOT happen!

I feel like God answered my prayers that I've been making for a month-- Help me do well at this recital, help me do well in my classes. Period.

Seeing Jake's other students tonight made me so inspired to learn more material. I've got guitar pro now, excited to have a clean slate.

Alrighty I'm gonna get to bed here shortly.


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