Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First tests, check. new friend!!! : )

I've had a pretty good couple of days.

Oh, look it's about time for my roommate's nap in the living room. This morning she snapped at me again when I knocked on the door to the bathroom. Lol, I am going to have no problem not talking to her for the rest of the year. Then when we move out at the end of the year I will say to her, "I hope you had so much fun here!" Fun watching TV and doing nothing all day.

Yesterday was my first econ quiz and I got 35/36, that's way better than I've ever done on one of his tests, I'm pretty sure the best I did last quarter was an 88%. I'm also almost certain that I did well on my statistics test. Doing well on tests makes me feel like my time was spent productively this past week.

Today I have an impromptu speech in my Speech class. I'm in a good mood today so I feel I will do well. The topics are really broad and basic, like what are you going to do this summer, talk about your favorite music, etc... These topics are unfortunately extremely broad so it's almost harder for me to come up with something specific. I'm bringing my index cards and will have almost the whole class period to look it over before I have to present. I just have to pretend that I'm talking to a webcam and I'll be fine.

I also have that Chapter 18 speech and an interview project that I have to get done. This is exactly like the speech class I took at columbia basin college. I'm just hoping I can pull a better grade this quarter but to be honest I've barely read my speech book at all. After I get offline here I'm going to read the section on impromptu speeches and see if I can pick up some tips on it.

That class is just annoying to me sort of like English 102... I tend to put writing assignments off until about the last minute to avoid having to rewrite it several times. I'm too much of a perfectionist to really enjoy a speech or a writing class because it's impossible to know what the professor is going to think of your work. There's no concrete right or wrong answers.. Like with my stupid Exotic animal final that apparently got me a B (not even a B+) in my English class-- I thought it was good!! 

Terry continues to impress me. Today he skipped economics class to study for his statistics test. That shows me that it means a lot to him and that he's very good at managing his time. I lended him my 4-function calculator today but Sipic was super nice to bring a bunch of extras anyways. Ha ha in so many classes I've been in it's like, forgot the right kind of calculator? Well you're SOL! hahaha

I met this pretty badass guy named Evan A. yesterday. I've basically been texting eachother and talked on the phone for about 2 1/2 hours. We have a ton in common and I think we're going to be really good friends. He drives and isn't working currently so he's really excited to come up here and hang out with me. He's sang in some bands before, plays a little guitar, and is best friends with Aaron M.

Lol, Aaron and I aren't friends on facebook. I'm pretty sure I've tried to add him before but either got denied or deleted, some people keep their facebook friends lists kind of exclusive. I don't, I find too many people fascinating and I don't delete anyone unless they're spamming continually and I don't know them. Basically I'm sure Aaron's only memory of me is that I am Mrs. Wilson's daughter and that I took lessons from him and didn't practice.... lol.

But anyway!! YEAH, me and Evan!!! lol We're going to be good friends!! We know similar people, on top of it, so we'll always have stuff to talk about. 

That's a blessing, definitely. Ever since I lost Katelynn I've felt like there was something missing in my life. A best friend to smoke with? Perhaps. Katharine and Samantha aren't smokers, though I consider them my best friends as well. And Ashley B. is one of my best friends... but also my councilor in a lot of ways. Like because she's older than me she's been through a lot, and has taught herself coping skills to deal with a lot of the difficult emotions that I've been through such as depression and anxiety.

So I'm pretty blessed for friends.. I'm so lucky and I always have to remind myself that when things get hard.


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