Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Feeling silly like I'm 10 again.

Here's a song I've been addicted too.. actually this whole album is catchy as Hell. It's my guilty pleasure right now because the lyrics are painfully obvious. But yeah, fun stuff to listen to when I bike to class in the morning.

I called Perkins this morning and got ahold of their manager. Apparently their hiring manager is going to be there tomorrow so I'm going to call after my economics class. Hopefully if I can get this job I can still maintain my guitar stuff, academic stuff, blah blah blah. I've kind of peaked out on the guitar in some ways though. Once I'm done with this recital I'm going to stop beating this song to death and start some NEW MATERIAL.

I'm pumped  because guitar pro came to me in the mail back home. That was kind of the last expenditure that pushed me to start looking for work. I've probably only got $400 in my savings right now-- versus the $800 or so that was in my account earlier this month. It's just really easy to spend when you try to eat healthy, have to pay for guitar lessons and... other things.

Great news! My studying paid off. Here's some numbers:
Total time studied for stats exam, wk 5: 267 minutes total. That's 5 hours. That's the quantitative value of hours it takes for me to get a good grade on a test.... maybe? 
Grade on test: 28/30 yahhooooo!!!

Right now I've got a total A in Statistics. I really want to keep this up. I'm pretty sure I'm falling between an A and a B in economics right now. That class is a bit of a pain to study because of the mass amounts of information. I have a quiz next monday so I'm going to start nibbling away more at that material tonight. I typically move that chair in the living room back and forth once a day because I don't want to feel TOO greedy with it. I have seen my roommate use it to study... once.

I really don't know how she sits in that arm chair in the living room. It looks kind of like this:

The style anyway. Except the butt cushion is more narrow.

She sits in that for hours. I have admittedly never sat in it, it looks super uncomfortable to me to be quite honest. Or maybe it's the fact that I don't care much for her... and I know she doesn't like me too. As the days go by it's getting more comical to me that wow, we really haven't talked all year.  I never in my life thought I could go so long living side by side with someone and not say anything really, yet at the same time haven't WANTED too. 

circa 2012

Katelynn and Zach are friends again. You guys I hope Katelynn never finds these blog entries because she would probably block me on facebook. I feel like this blog has become sort of my outlet to talk about my feelings with this, and because Katelynn has completely cut me out, but I'm of course still interested in her whereabouts and want to make sure to record things that I remember from Katelynn now so I can remember our time together forever. I don't know if I'll ever find someone that I connect with like her. 

...But anyway yeah, Katelynn's friends again with Zach..Someone on this photo commented, "I think you now look different to me!" He has changed quite a bit over the past few years....

Circa 2010. I've heard of Zach for a long time. Zach is one of Katelynn's best childhood friends, and he's quite an attractive guy. He's got a boyfriend named Steven, likes to party hard, and lived a sort of crazy rockstar lifestyle with Katelynn back in highschool. Because this pic was taken in 2010, that's around the time Katelynn and him were hanging out.

Back in 2010 as well...

Katelynn stopped hanging out with Zach for the most part when she was in a relationship with Jon, then briefly got wrapped up with him again, then met Alan... Zach has always come and gone in her life like I have in some ways. Katelynn had told me that she would NEVER hang out with Zach again but I told her that she would because he cares about her like I do. Back then I really couldn't have imagined we wouldn't be friends now. 

Here's another picture that Zach has on his fan page.

Wow, there's Katelynn in the back with this guy named Greg that I remember she crushed on at the time. She and Greg sort of dated for awhile but she was pretty hurt when he didn't want a relationship. This was very shortly before she met John when she was finishing up school at Hanford. Damn, I look at her face in this picture and it looks like she's having an absolute blast.

Sometimes I think about how hard it must have been for Katelynn to break away from the Zach situation. She's done the best she can keeping things stable in her life with Alan, which probably doesn't compare much to the raging parties she used to go to with Zach. I don't know, it's so bizarre that she's out of my life now... I think it's been more than a month now and it still gets to me.

I'm really excited to see if I did better than Terry on the stats exam tomorrow. First thing he asked me when we saw eachother today was how I think I did on the test. It cracks me up how competitive he is but it's given me so much incentive to work harder this quarter. I'm hoping we can work something out so that we have classes together in the spring.


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