Saturday, July 20, 2013

You can't save me, I am fading

So this is what I've just started today because I've literally just been practicing invention for the past week, it's been stupid overboard but the time of that recital is creeping up on me and that song is freaking hard to pick correctly.

Anyway I really like Slash's work in this. I'm not a big fan of the vocals but the lyrics aren't bad and neither is the vocal quality. It's just not my favorite style particularly.

Here's a bleeping picture of me today. Yay, you know what's totally awesome, closing on a saturday.... blegh. I am going to work hard today though. Whenever I get down about work I think about what Hank Hill says: "Find the job everyone hates, and then do it better!"

According to Hank Hill in order to do a good job you have to have a "Can-do" attitude and do what your boss tells you without asking a lot of questions. Babies don't work and need everything handed to them. Therefore if you are an adult you work. Ha ha all these things ring in my head when I start bitching about my job and it kind of humbles me because it's true. 

But yeah obviously I'd rather just be playing guitar and sitting around at home. Nothing really new to talk about but I'm going to try to make the best of today. It's definitely hot and there's a bunch of motorcycle drivers on the road which always makes me a little nervous. I always drive slow so if I get caught in the left lane and a motorcyclist gets behind me trying to go 75 and always feel like they're going to lose their momentum and fly off. Motorcycles are so f*ing dangerous.

Damn I've lost some of the tone in my core because I am not exercising as frequently and have been eating more than when I was living up in ellensburg. I'm not worried about it. My back has really hurt though. I should really make an effort to start practicing standing up to take the tension off my back. When I sit at my computer I get slouchy naturally and I do all I can to improve my posture. Back problems later would really suck.


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