Friday, July 12, 2013

Got rescued yesterday

Goodmorning everyone.

Wiley S. is the freaking best. 

I think I failed to mention yesterday that I'd locked my keys in the van and I was frantically looking on facebook to find someone to give me a ride home back from A Sharp to get an extra key. I probably haven't talked to Wiley face to face since highschool and even then we weren't like buddy-buddy but I've always considered him a down to earth, good guy. Anyway he came and picked me up in his nice ass new black truck that he got like two weeks ago. I paid him $8 for the ride but I'm having a feeling he's the type of person that would come rescue someone for free (lol but I'm not a freeloader and it was my dumbass fault so regardless of who was giving me a ride I was gonna pay gas money). 

I just wanted to make sure to mention this because it was like a random act of kindness and that doesn't happen much in the world. Good karma for you!

I had some of the weirdest dreams last night about his friend Courtney. We had talked about her on the way home because it's one of his closest friends. They went to the coast together recently. Courtney was with this guy Colton L. that sort of hit up on me my sophomore year. They were together for a long time, probably over a year, and they broke up recently and he found another girlfriend. Blegh that's the worst when you care about someone and they break up with you and rush into something else. It's super painful because it makes you wonder if they were talking to that person before. Men suck.

And on a totally unrelated note... 

Mamie White from the Wonderful Whites of West Virginia is trying to get a show together. Jesco has been on facebook asking for donations and says they're "short on time." I wonder why they're short on time.. Maybe they got ahold of the producers from the movie and they're saying they're partially responsible for the funds if they want to do a sequel. 

I don't know about a whole television series for the Whites but a follow up documentary would be nice. I'm wondering if Kirk relapsed or if she went through with treatment and is able to see her baby. Sue Bob's son Brandon Poe is probably still in prison so I'd like to see a clip from their visitation and see if Brandon regrets going on that all night rampage. 

I have work today at 2 and plan on getting ready quickly so I can get straight to my guitar. My shift is from 2-9 so luckily I'll still have some time to practice afterward. 


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