Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sometimes I need to be alone . . .

Well initially today I thought Jay and I were going to the boat races in the "late morning" but he had to run some errands and has had to postpone that. We're going to have a hell of a time finding parking more than likely. 

My sister went to the boat races yesterday and got completely red... Her skin is so burnt. I'm wearing two layers of sunscreen, a layer of tanning lotion and a layer of makeup right now to protect myself, ha ha I think I'm set. But still, he's taken forever. Because he said late morning I was up at like 8 this morning getting ready.... I would have definitely slept in today otherwise because I was up last night reading Mein Kampf. 

....I know isn't that atrocious? But most educated people who can read something from an outside perspective should read the book that essentially leaded an entire nation to back something as corrupt as an all German empire. Hitler's writing is all in first person, so reading this book almost reminds me of reading Hitler's blog. Though I've only read the first 15 pages or so, I can already see a lot of similarities between the indoctrination of German children and the forced indoctrination of generations of North Koreans. In Mein Kampf Hitler paints a picture of what in his eyes would be the ideal Aryan world where he would of course be the leader.  

To be a well educated, intelligent person you have to make rational, well thought out decisions. To be a manipulative person you have to express these decisions confidently and with relaxed demeanor. Confidence creates trust. Trust and ability to manipulation is what makes powerful people. Sorry, these are just random thoughts that have been going through my head. 

Coffee is gone... I'm honestly getting tired. Lol I just took a picture that made me look like an anime character.

Wish me luck today to have a good one, kind of getting a late start


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  1. Interesting thoughts, and nice pic! Hope you have some fun today! :)


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