Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beginning job search tomorrow. Ha ha ha I'll tell you guys what.

I don't like it at JCpennies at all.

 It's too exhausting for me. The environment puts a lot of stress on me that I don't want... It's so fast paced and tiring... F*ck I worked until 12 am you guys. In KIDS. When all of my friends that I've met there are working down in dresses where it's obvious I should be working. I don't think my coworkers in kids like me very much at all. Most of my customers there don't speak English, it's super hard to get these "findmore" things and answer questions about products I know nothing about.... it's so frustrating you guys. I work hard and hate feeling like I'm messing up. This job is just not worth the stress.

I don't know, call me a spoiled brat if you will. This environment is just not for me.

Like I'd much rather be working in a slower paced work environment where organizing is not complete chaos. Because that's honestly what working at JCpennies feels like to me because you have racks and racks and racks of clearance stuff that's unorganized and you're expected to organize it by size and color and style... it's so bad!!! It's so overwhelming for me, omg I hate it! Ha ha ha!!! There, I said it. And I think I deserve to find a different work environment that works better for me.

I got my paycheck today.... $184. I have been more sick and exhausted these past three weeks that seeing those small pins was a major disappointment. I could be making minimum wage at a much less physically taxing job.

Tomorrow I'm going to apply to all of the craft and office supply stores in the tri cities. Seriously. I am that determined to get out of this situation because I feel like it's taking a tole on my sanity quickly. That's why I haven't even been writing that much because I've been too stressed out. Too stressed to write, how is that even possible. I haven't even been sleeping well.

Sigh... Goodnight you guys... I'm glad I was able to realize how much this job was wearing on me already... Please wish me luck on finding another arrangement as quickly as possible.


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