Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Changes come, Keep your dignity

I like that my work schedule is laid out in a way that I have multiple days in a row that I'm off because it lets me coordinate my schedule easier. Of course most of what takes up my schedule is practicing guitar and any other responsibilities that I happen to have going on that day.

Anyway today's been good. Found my debit card (I had almost thrown it away. I put it in a bag from work and almost trashed the bag) and have had the house to myself for the most part. I played an hour of guitar while I watched this documentary about the author of Atlas Shrugged that basically talks about how government control in the United States is going to take over like it did in Russia and that eventually they will try to control our lives by continuing to create new regulations and rules to benefit the system. It's really hard to explain and I'm sure that makes no sense the way I just wrote it but it's a really interesting theory.

This was a documentary that my Mom told me to watch so when I saw it come up on Netflix I was like, I should really watch this, just to learn something this evening rather than watch King of the hill because I haven't had a stressful day and didn't need to pacify my mind. I'm happy I watched it. My sister is making an awesome dinner right now and I think I'm going to munch on nutella and pretzels later. Should be a good evening.

Today I met Alan and Katelynn at Leslie Groves park. I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier but Katelynn did cut off from that Devin guy that she was sort of digging for a little while. She was just over it quickly. She and Alan are still very cordial with eachother but it definitely no longer has an affectionate vibe. I don't know, maybe this is just a rough patch in their relationship and everything will be back to normalcy there.

I really liked laying out by the water today, it was nice. We went to Thai food afterward and I ended up accidentally ordering too much and getting a ton of leftovers. It's fine though, that'll be great for tomorrow. Emerald of Siam is delicious but MAN I spent the most on that meal then I have in awhile... lol watch out for appetizers.

Zach, Steven and Cheyanne are living downstairs from them now. I'm really interested in how that's been going. Zach and I haven't talked since the SOAD concert a couple years back and he took me off his friends list which is usually a pretty good indication that another person wants to stay strangers with you. I can respect that and understand because our lifestyles are different.

Well I'll talk to you guys later.


Here's a song I've really liked lately-- Momma Sed by Puscifer. It's got a really powerful message about not letting life circumstances cause you to lose your dignity. Society will have it's way on you, "Take it like a man." 

Nobody helps you. Changing your life is based on your own conscious decisions to make change. 

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