Friday, July 5, 2013

Woah, where the hell did you come from..

Yesterday at BC fireworks show

I've had a pretty interesting last couple days. I'm kind of excited to tell my few dedicated blog readers about this because I've been pretty quiet about it otherwise.

The other night I went out to the Parkade for karaoke night with Ashleigh. I had worked a couple days beforehand and I was ready to have fun and drink a little bit but I didn't expect I'd actually meet anyone at the bars. Anyway came in and it was really packed so we grabbed one of the tables towards the back near the pool tables. There was ONE bartender working.... She was absolutely swamped so we were patient. But the bad singing made me want a drink pronto.

I went up to the bar and actually only stood there for about 5 minutes before I got my first corona light. About half an hour after we got there two really cute kind of hispanic looking guys and their A. American girl friend came in.   I thought one of them was especially cute because he was tall, had light-olive undertone skin, dark hair, kind of Asian looking eyes... Lots of my favorite things, ha ha ha. Anyway shortly after they came in we'd switched tables to closer to the front. I have to admit I was sort of trying to catch glimpses at him from that point and wasn't as talkative with the people I came with as I could have been. My mind because kind of preoccupied.

Ashleigh was trying to get me to sing and I'm like nope... nope... -look down at my phone to check the time to see when karaoke was over... nope..

Taylor H., her boyfriend Jace and Terrance met us at the bar at around 12'. Ashleigh and I had walked to the gas station to buy some munchies that I was dying for and by the time I got back the cute guys had left. I sat back down at the table and drank a big glass of Angry orchard. 

The more I drink the more I want to dance. 

Ashleigh told me we were going to go to Jack Didley's after karaoke finished at 12 which was cool, I wanted to watch Ashleigh sing again anyway because she sings country and all the bar girls get into it, ha ha ha. Anyway after she sang I left the Parkade with this guy named George who knows Kinbri. I was really interested to talk to him because he knew what happened to this guy Collin that disappeared for awhile. Annnnyway...

We walked to Jack Didleys, I'd forgot my ID, then we had to walk back to the Parkade again to get my ID.... 

Then I proceeded to dance my ass off and have a fantastic time with Bradley H. I'm sure I've mentioned Bradley before.. He's a really sweet, fun, kinda flamey gay guy who's studying at the beauty academy in town. Anyway he came with some of his beauty school friends and we had suchhh a fun time drinking and dancing for awhile. I saw Rose B. there too, her son Rayne just turned 4. 

I did meet this other guy, I think his name was Luis or something. Normal baseball hat wearing, "white t" kind of guy. I didn't have any intention of leaving with him but I'd lost my friends so we danced for awhile. He was nice and bought me a water bottle but yeah... I was just planning on going back to Ashleigh's house and crashing for the night after the club closed. I actually got invited to a couple parties by these rapper looking guys while I was at the bar who saw me dancing to "Black and Yellow" and said I was good. ha ha ha I was honored

So fast forward. Almost 2 am, I'm pretty buzzed and wondering where my friends that I'd came with that hadn't stuck around the club very long. They had gone back to drink more beer at the Parkade and when I came back I noticed Terrance was talking to the girl that the guys had come in with. They were all standing outside the bar with Ashleigh, Steven, etc... smoking cigarettes.

I walked up and I was actually too shy to talk to the guy I'd noticed earlier initially so I introduced myself to his friends. The girl's name was TK. The other hispanic guy that they'd come with left but there was now a bald Croatian guy with a beard that was chilling with them. I'd talked to them for about 30 minutes before I actually met Eric (the cute one I'd been checking out all night) who's house we were going to after the bars closed.

Ashleigh, Steven and I loaded up into his car and we headed over to Pasco where Eric's house is. Steven was kind of pissing me off because he was like "Well I'm glad you're hooking up with this guy instead of that guy you were dancing with." I'm like "What? I don't hook up with anyone." Which is true. I was just dancing at the club and having a good time, it doesn't mean anything. 

But we did go to Eric's freaking nice house that he lives in on his own (he's 26), drank a little more, hung out there for awhile... I was pretty stoked because Eric was like flirtatious with me and I just thought he seemed intelligent so I was just trying to play it off as cool as I could so he didn't get the wrong first impression or something.

The people I came with stuck around until about 5 in the morning after Eric and I had actually laid down. I didn't sleep at all that night. I just kind of laid there with my eyes closed with a lot of things going through my mind. Like what I was going to do the next day for 4th of July and how I was going to go back to Ashleigh's to get my car the next day..... and stuff like that.... 

But yeah, Eric is really cool and I'd like to see him again. He seems really confident, beautiful smile, he's half Columbian and speaks Spanish. He obviously has hobbies just by looking around his house like snowboarding and 4-wheeling. That and he's 26 which probably means he's got his shit together. Yeah, crossing my fingers we'll see what happens.  


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