Saturday, July 13, 2013

work steadily getting more managable

I was reluctant for a long time to post my business school acceptance letter on facebook for some reason, so to be honest this sat on our living room floor since the 18th. I stuck in on my wall for a few minutes and found it was too stressful to see so I put it in the drawer.

Pretty much my entire life as I see it relies on this degree. It's my job these next probably two years to work my absolute hardest and do absolutely everything possible to get this damn degree. I was meditating on this last night and when I thought about school my emotions got kind of worked up and it stirred me out of meditation. That's how I know it's extremely important to me. But yeah you guys all know that. 

Looking at this also of course reminded me of Sipic (I seriously can't call him "Toni" on this blog, it's too informal. If we're ever like friends someday after I graduate I'll call him Toni but not now). Anyway I'm wondering how he's doing this summer. I'm wondering how his research went. He's doing a kind of cost-benefit analysis with marijuana, like he's seeing if the potency of the marijuana correlates with the cost of it and will be getting information from medicinal places all over California. Lol I'm sure he's doing research on a lot of other subjects too. I've think I've written about this before.... okay changing subjects now. Work.

Work is getting better. More because I'm getting the hang of my job and can focus more on getting the task at hand. I got a credit application yesterday so I was really happy about that, I'm trying to stay off this list of people that have zero. Right now I think I've done 3. So yay! I'm getting faster at folding too. Maybe I won't quit. If I do get a second job though that'd be okay for like 8-10 hours a week. I haven't made any money this summer honestly. 

Anyway i'm gonna practice. 


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