Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hmm tonight will be interesting.

I have some news. It's 2:00 pm and I still haven't been able to play guitar because a lot has been on my mind.

Katelynn broke up with Alan recently, for good this time. They got back together for like a day but then she found out about an incident that occurred during the time they were broken up and cut it off for good. She's been hanging out with her friend Zach lately, which is totally cool with me because she's probably less stressed out with him than in her apartment with Alan. 

I'm happy that I've never had to have the experience of living with a boyfriend before and then breaking up with him. It would just feel like being married too early in life to me. Of course Katelynn and I had entirely different circumstances growing up. She's been kind of forced to grow up faster from having to clean Jeff's house all the time and taking care of the horses to working at 16 then having to pretty much take care of her Mom when she got divorced when she was 18. There was a lot of reasons that she wanted to get out of her house early.

Anyway Katelynn met someone new and I'm going to meet her at one of the bars tonight. I work a closing shift tonight so I plan to bring a change of clothes with me. I hope this bar that we're going to is a dance place... lol probably not. I've actually been looking up some of the clubs in Seattle that I'd like to make the drive up to next year when I'm living in Ellensburg (*closer to Seattle). I'm also going to try to juggle having a job and going to school next year so that's going to be a challenge but I'm excited for it. 

I've actually started to enjoy dancing a lot now that I've found some rhythm with the guitar. I recently found out that my lack of rhythm initially comes from my father who has no rhythm, lolol. I had to work hard to overcome that but luckily my Jewish side helped me grow out of it. 

So yeah I guess I can dance pretty well now, I mean in comparison to the next white girl shaking her ass. It's nothing to write home about. But yeah dancing is fun! 

Anyway I'm gonna practice while I still can. Work at 7. I no longer dread work. I try to just get 1 credit app a day so that my managers won't bug me about it. It's like once I get one I can chill and clean up the merchandise the rest of the day which is actually not bad.


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